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Ooooh! That came out beautifully! Very nice.

I ripped the Leaf Lace and have started again :-) I found the error.


You know, I went through my (commercial) yarn stash yesterday with the intention of giving a garbage bag full away to friends of mine, because I have Too Much Yarn. I did find a bagful I could give them, but I also found alllllll this lusciousssssss yarnnnnnnn. Apparently, I have good taste in yarn.

Now that the Tour de Fleece is over, I shall be spending a week weaving like a madwoman, and then I shall knit. Put my feet up and knit. Maybe even beautiful blue lace like yours!


That is lovely. I like the combination of stockinette stitch with feather and fan. Great idea.

Caroline M

It's a lovely colour, very you, and certainly not a sock.


The lace finish makes a nice edge and the blanket looks beautiful.
You'll find the Lace Leaf much easier the second time around.


That's beautiful! The baby blanket I finished this weekend is 35" square so we're obviously on the same page with this.


Loverly! Lucky baby! ( I may bring Susan's Beach Glass to Maine with me next week....I have yet to make a real shawl!)

Cheryl S.

Wonderful! I recently found out my niece is pregnant with twins. I think I'll have to do a couple of baby blankets.


Very, very pretty. I used to knit, you know. Maybe I'll take it up again.


How pretty! I LOVE the color you picked. Not overtly baby-ish, but still pretty and cheerful. Nice!


It's so beautiful! I love the symmetry and repetition of it.


Yanno, I generally hate the look of old shale. That knit might be the one to change my mind.


Lovely, lovely lovely!!


Lucky baby! I haven't cast on yet, but am going to soon.


I love that pattern, I like to make a shawl eventually. Nice knit Laurie!


That is lovely. Some baby is gonna be very happy!


Beautiful! And you did well to end with a lace repeat instead of the stockinette - makes a lovely edge.
I have one mindless knit going, and way too many mindful ones. Must finish something...


Lovely lacey bit of mindlessness. I'm kinda like Paula - I may take up knitting again someday.


wow. love that baby blanket!
I really do enjoy shawls too - what a great idea for a baby blanket.


Love it! Great decision to end with the lace section, too.


Very lovely! I love that color.


It's absolutely beautiful, Laurie. Lucky baby!!


perfection! perfect size, perfect color, lucky baby :-)


It is SO beautiful Laurie!


It is beautiful!! I almost missed it. So happy I didn't.


Blocking makes all the difference. I guess I need to make this shawl.Lovely!!!

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