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Sorry about the heat. Your story about Alfredo had me rolling. I hope the AC is fixed soon. Mine got repaired today and I am in heaven - as much as can be when one lives in Satan's armpit.


Sounds like a fantastic time. The key to spending time with Alfredo is to be done with him before it gets to that point. One night should do it.


Heeheeeeee.........I love your story about Alfredo! You are too funny! I have to say though he is definitely swoon worthy! I think Carole has the right idea. Love him and leave him fast.... ;)

Isn't Fiddler on the Roof a wonderful play?


Nothing can replace the old ballparks. When I was a child, we went many times to see the Kansas City A's (yes, I'm that old...) at the old park. Went and saw the Royals at the new park, and it just wasn't baseball anymore.
Loved your Alfredo story - a novel in a paragraph.
Would have loved to see Fiddler...

Cheryl S.

First time for Fiddler? For shame! But at least you did it in style.

Alfredo. Carole. Hee.


Hey, Gillian's best friend is on the tour of Fiddler, you must have seen her. She is one of the younger sisters, don't ask me which one. Only worth it if you Topol.

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

LOVE the Alfredo story. Too funny.

I saw Fiddler a million years ago - when Zero Mostel starred (I just revealed my age, didn't I).

Caroline M

Please don't mention the heat, have you no relatives in Alaska you could visit? It's nearly too hot to knit.

He looks like someone that would need a lot of attention - no good for me then.


Alfredo...spot on comments, Carole's right on the money. Some how I am stunned you've never seen Fiddler. You must have been waiting to see the best.


I trust that you are right.

But he may also have a future with a tiny, gentle, rotund woman with a beaming smile who presents him with chubby, giggling babies every third year until they are nearing 50.


Carole said exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for the laugh this AM!


Ahhhhhhhhh, Chicago.

and ahhhhhhhhhhh, Alfredo. One can admire the package without actually making a purchase.


NO WAY could that sweet face mean that.

Could it? Hee.


Alfredo, why don't you love me anymore? I can't live without you! Come back to me, my Alfredo! Estoy desolado!


uh, who wants a future with alfedo ;/0

nothing beats wrigley field (sorry fenway)

growing up in chicago, we didn't have a/c.
we lived in front of the window fan!


hah, i must be old cause i also saw zero mostel in the fiddler.
alo saw him in the producers and a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.


AHhh Fiddler my favorite I have seen it with Zero Mostel, Topol, Alfred Molina and Harvey Fierstien, I would love to see someone do it again!! The first time was Broadway in 1970 and 2 days later I met a man who has been my husband for 35 1/2 years!!!

Loved the Alfredo story!!! WIll keep it in mind the next time a suave waiter carries away my heart!


ha ha ha
Alfredo story is a hoot (and most likely true!) but you forgot about the part where he has numerous affairs with willing nubile ladies while you are partnered to him and when you catch him, he shrugs and says "I'm just too wonderful to belong only to one woman". ha ha
Trust me - it's never fun to date a man who is prettier than you are! (ha ha ha )

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