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Beautiful handspun!


You've got a lot going on there, missy!


Scattershot scatterbrain, but we love you for it.

Caroline M

So much yarn! Not all blue!

You could send the startitis over here because I'm still struggling to find the project that calls to me (other than socks of course)


WOW! I totally loved the wander through your current WIPs and spun yarns.

Although I refuse to allow myself to be distracted any further than I already am by your spinning.


And were you humming the small world song for the rest of the day?

Beautiful spinning!


What's the medal you're wearing around your neck??

Small world indeed! I had a similar experience in the hand surgeon's office this week. A man and his son. The man was my father's English student in Greece. And he knew and knows everyone I knew there growing up.

Great WIPs and skeins you have there. I too am having lack of monogamy issues and not getting much done other than spinning up a Still River Mystery batt that has surprised me in how much I like it.


Yes, thanks for the tour! I'm determined to finish my Port Clyde (Lisa Lloyd pattern, GMS organic yarn) sweater and Terry's birthday socks (LAST year's b'day!) before I allow myself to start anything new. I don't count spinning up old fiber! (Remind me to tell you how Karma bit me on the ass with the prize fleece from MASW.) Oh, that clematis is AMAZING! I've managed to kill at least three.


I have a kabillion WIPs, it seems. Can't stick to anything for more than a gnat's attention span.

Lovely spinning, lovely knitting. As usual. 8)


All good stuff!


Your spinning is as beautiful as your garden flowers.


Lots of wonderful stuff happening in your corner. I love the alpaca blanket pattern...so pretty!


Love your "kitchen sink". The picnic and the pictures of it looked like fun. The flowers amazing, the knitting, spinning and yarn covetable (is that a word?)


Lovely, lovely spinning stuff! That's wild about meeting father of famous spinner/knitter in the Boston area. Have you told her that you met him?


Interesting. There is a resemblance....


The handspun looks great. Nice amount of twist in the blue and green hanks.


Who would have guessed that plying the brown and blue would turn out that beautiful?


your spinning looks great from here - and will bloom even more once you knit with it - nice to see those wheels are whurrring along ;-)
Isn't it eerie how we can cross one another's paths... 6 degrees of separation indeed.


holy cw*p, your spinning is exquisite!


Mmmmm, yarn porn. Good stuff!


I have clematis envy.


I have that clematis on the list for the pergola - as soon as it gets painted after last year's tornado. Gorgeous reminder of why you suggested it.

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