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*swoon* Those flowers are stunning...


Beautiful flowers. Can't wait to see you on Saturday!


See you Saturday! Marcy and I have discussed it and we're doing the usual meet up in the picnic area at lunch time. :-)


Flowers. Fiber. Friends. Spring really is a lovely, lovely time of year. See you Saturday!

Caroline M

That is a lovely flippy cardigan, ideal for those summer evenings. You won't be seeing me at the weekend because I am off on my holidays, lazing in the pool, doing no housework, all the usual sort of thing. Have fun, slay dragons if you feel the need.


Love the pattern. It will look great on you! So lucky that you have another fiber orgy to attend. I need to get a car so I can do fiber fest crawls. Flowers are a wonder of spring that seems to get ones senses into over-drive.


Give everyone a hug from me! I might be the only knitter left who refuses to do the tubular cast on. Are the tulips really that white?


I'll look forward to seeing you on Saturday!


It has been such a beautiful spring, hasn't it?

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!

Melissa G

This spring the late storm killed the crabapple blossoms (but now I have no apples in the fall), however, we do have some lilacs to enjoy. Have a great weekend!


Ho, ho.....my very first New Hampshire Sheep and Wool! After having Barb's spin-in and the CTSW snatched away from me, I DESERVE this day (Sat only) with sheeps and peeps! And, tulip beds should be monochromatic! In fact, I think it's a law.


how fun that you already have one sleeve knit up!
love the cherry trees - and the analogy.
We've had severe spring rains here too - hoping for a bit of sun this weekend so that I might tackle planting some of the posies I've been accumulating.


I love that sweater! I'm so jealous of your fiber fun!


Oh, I like that sweater for you! And the druid talk. And the BPG! I've only been there once, post blooms. I need to go back.

See you Saturday!!


I know several tubular cast-ons. My favorite is the one where you always end up with the number of stitches you want! 8)
That's a nifty sweater! Is the yarn soft and drapey, or stiff? Somehow I always expect linen to be something that will stand up by itself...
See you Saturday!


Have a wonderful time this weekend!

I miss the spring flowering trees and shrubs most of all out here in the west. Thanks for the pics!

Carol Cousins-Tyler

Hope you have a wonderful time at the festival! Wish I could go, but being out of work doesn't leave a lot of extra money for fun things like yarn festivals. Enjoy your friends and find some wonderful yarn/roving. Carol


Have a great time! Say hi to Gayle for me.


thanks for the eye candy :-)


What beautiful flowers! I haven't visited the garden yet this spring. I did spend some time recently playing with different methods to create a tubular cast on for a 1x1 rib. I blogged about my favorite method here: http://dyedreams.blogspot.com/2009/03/tubular-cast-on-in-round-for-socks.html
Check it out if you need another view of the process.

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