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And Etherknitter stays true to form.


the yarn and fiber made my throat get a knot in it! How beautiful.
Your birds are much more flamboyant than are mine. Tell those finches to keep it private.


Great haul! I especially like Chris' sock yarn.

Caroline M

True to form on the colour there, even down to the eggs.


So how many pounds of that Friends Folly Farm roving will you eventually end up with, before you get around to spinning it?

You know, I think there were vendors I never got to there...blame it on Marcy.


Nice loot. :)

We have hummers here now. I put out a feeder today and we'll see how long it takes them to find it.


How lovely all of your finds and your robin's eggs are! Glad you got to go.


Well, you didn't buy another wheel THERE!

I'm still kicking myself for passing up that fleece at Buckwheat Bridge Angoras, but I'm thrilled with the Jacob lamb.....washed, it's like cashmere! Too bad they don't come to Cummington! So, what's on your list for MASW?


those robin's eggs are too twee :-)


It was a great day!


It was SO nice to see you last weekend!! All of your blues are so lovely!


Awesome! More robin cam!


Nice stuff you got! I almost succumbed to Friends Folly myself but resisted. I did enough damage, thank you very much!

And I didn't know those black flies (or that's what I was told they were) could bite. Ouch!


Looks like I missed a wonderful weekend - Oh well, I got 20 raspberry plants transplanted! I love your blue yarn and roving - gorgeous! Our hummingbirds are back - always here by the 1st week in May.


The fiber looks delicious. What will you do with your pygora?


Mmmm...pygora!!! I love that wool/mohair blend too!


Must get hummingbird feeder up. (I've been saying that for a month now. Perhaps if I actually spend some time looking for it...)
So, did the cast on work? Further help cheerfully given, you know.
Love your pretties. I spent a lot of time slapping my hand over my eyes, in my efforts not to succumb to one more fleece. It was so hard.


Yay for NH! I never did find Friend's Folly, but it's just as well.

Now that Gayle has enlightened you and you no longer need it, here is that link I kept saying I would send you.


I had no idea you were a voyeur!

What a lovely, perfect nest with two lovely, perfect eggs in.

Nice fiber. :D


Always good to see you, Laurie.


looks like you're gonna be a busy little spinning bee this year. Lovely fiber.


The fiber looks so yummy! They sound like nice blends.

The robin eggs are so small!


Laurie, dear, you've fallen behind. I was so counting on you for my Cummington fix, since I couldn't go (being a dutiful mom and sticking around for prom has a price).

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