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Thanks for the kick in the arse....back on the treadmill for Granny! Good time...NY sounds good, too. At least you didn't have a loud female attorney doing business on her cellphone ALL THE WAY, like we did last trip to B'more. Sheesh.


How funny - I took the weekend and went to NYC as well. It was the first time I'd been for more than a few hours at a time and while I really disliked the Times Square crowds at the one show I saw, I loved the quiet neighborhood in the Upper East Side where my hotel was.


That's one great weekend!


You know how to pack a whole lot of fun into one weekend.


Wow....what a super weekend! So much fun!


It's important to always buy fleeces in even numbers. For balance while carrying them, of course.
Glad you had a great weekend!

lynne s of oz

What a great weekend! I'm glad you went home first though cos carrying around stinky (yummy!) fleeces is not the best way to travel. Not that I know or anything :-)


You sure packed a lot into one weekend. Sounds like fun!


What a great trip! Now, where is the picture of the knitting progress?

Caroline M

Sunshine is always good to see, big bags of fleece too. Did you send it out or bring it home? (because I'm nosy like that)


WOW - I certain I've never crammed so much fun into one weekend! I LOVE the "busted" picture - got enough fleece yet?
PS - sorry I didn't come yesterday - sore throat/cold yuck :-(


It was wonderful to see you - congrats on scoring a winner of a fleece. ;o)


I think you might have a fleece problem. Luckily that's not illegal.

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