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Barb's lambs are so, so darling.
I've been saved by willing Fiberistas when car dilemmas have arisen at festivals. It may take many but we have fun in the process.
Let the summer fiber fun begin!


Wish I could have been in both those places with you!


Lambs! I so love lambs.


Those lambs are so sweet, you just want one to cuddle with (I have not idea if Lambs enjoy affection from people being a city girl). This post really made my night, thank you.


What a joy to spend time with the lambs.


Cute photos of the babies.

92? Whew!


What darling babies! Next time you grrls plan a trip to Barb's give me a shout. I would love to visit. :)


awwwhh those little lambs make me homesick...(sort of). I remember bottle feeding babies.. yikes - it's a lot of work. Yet part of it was so rewarding as well - afterwards, when the goats were grown, they would still run to the fence line as we came up (since we were, after all, "Mom") :-)
92 degrees is amazing.


Will I see you @ MAS&W too?

Caroline M

It must be spring then, lambs and blue sky.


Ah, Cormo lambs! If I were going to be a sheep, being a Cormo would be high on my list. Almost a perfect fiber. Or at least one of my absolute faves to spin and touch.


Those cormo lambs look so soft! What little cuties.

Yeah, it was a hot one in CT this year, that's for sure. Our group was done by 1:00 and on the way home - it was simply too hot to wait around for the Sheep to Shawl results. We got back to RI to a nice 72 degrees. Heaven!


Sorry I missed both, but Gus needed me! Back from the opera and heading back to Maryland on Saturday (I WILL get out to the S&W). Plans to go to NHSW next weekend....will I see you?


Any time spent with lambs is a blessing! Lambs running and bouncing in the sunshine is the ultimate expression of joy.

I wonder if it will be as warm at NH S&W? After being cold all winter, I wouldn't mind a touch of 90's...


I'm just catching up on your blog - so fun to see pics of the kids when they were still teeny. Hope you can make it to the next knit/spin in june (just posted on site).

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