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You posted! At least you posted and the blue socks are gorgeous just plain and simple...all true.


Pretty! Judy makes the best colors.


Hi Laurie! Hi Mr. E! Beautiful socks and I learned a new word. Thanks!


Beee-u-ti-fuuuuullllll socks! How I love me a plain pair of socks with a slightly variegated colorway. I am working on Traveler's Socks (Nancy Bush) in a similar colorway but they are not relaxing to knit at all. Certainly not good for travel knitting.


Enjoy your Saturday! Lovely socks.

Caroline M

True to all three, lovely socks all the same.


True, False, True :)


Those seem like perfect weekend socks - and an FO even!

(formerly) no-blog-rachel

Beautiful socks. I've been leaning toward the simple socks myself (halfway through the 2nd pair in a month). I'm not going to guess but I know I'm WAY too cheap to buy sock blockers myself!


That'll do me-- I can get my own coffee!


Your blue socks are beeutiful!!


I think all three are the truth. ;o) Beautiful blue socks!


False, true, true. I mean, you put them on your feet, lean over and aim, take the photo and then flip it in your photo editor. Isn't that what everybody does? ;)


Oh yeah. Love the socks. LOVE the color.


I love Judy's color pallet and you've done a beautiful job as usual. It takes a lot of skill to make a simple pattern look gorgeous. Chiaroscuro -- I had to look that one up. Very appropos. Thanks for sharing!


Lovely socks. And it's lovely to hear from you!


You've got socks! Very pretty ones.
We're happy we got this post. 8)


NICE. Very nice.


#1 can't be true - your feet, your socks and YOU take the picture - the only way to do a sock photo shoot!
Beautiful blue socks :-)


What matters is there's a lovely pair of socks and lovely you posted.


Mr. E. knows and cares that you posted. Wow. I wonder what THAT would be like?


TFT and you captured the blue beautifully!


Cute post. Love the socks. Love that Mr. E was so cooperative with the posting. Love the short test. Love it all. Thanks for the post! LOL


I vote for all true also, and I love the socks. I need to make me a pair like that (well, not exactly like that, but simple and lovely).


No one's complained so far... perhaps it's the gorgeous blue :-)

I don't understand the sock blocker thing. I don't want to block socks to some generic wooden shape even if that makes a good photo: I want them to hug my feet snugly. No stretch EVER.


I vote for number one.
Taking photos of my finished projects has been the biggest challenge of all.
they look so comfy!

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