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Great trip! Into Thin Air is a haunting book. I read it nearly ten years ago and a couple things are still in my brain -- the female climber who made her guide carry her, and the radio-telephone call between the guy that died (a well-known climber whose name I would recognize but cannot recall) and his wife, when he was stranded near the summit and too disoriented to climb down.


It was so wonderful to see you, albeit briefly. Your vacation had it all...good books, good skiing, good yarn, good knitting!


What a fun trip for you!!! Hmm...I love Jodi Picoult and I don't think I have read that book either.

Love that cashmere!


Try Krakauer's book on the Mormons, "Under the Banner of Heaven". We have quite a little library now with LDS related themes because of our "connection" to the area. It's actually a good read.

I'm doing the dance of joy here about the PC YARN SHOP! It's about damn time! (Although the shops in Salt Lake are pretty good, and I love Three Wishes out in West Jordan. Those of us who don't ski go yarn shopping!


I enjoyed Into Thin Air very much. I love a book that makes you feel like you are RIGHT there.


So glad you had a good trip. We had fresh snow at the ski hills here on Friday into Saturday. And glad you got to catch up with the M2's. Sorry (as usual) we missed you in person. :(


Welcome home!!!


Looks like it was an all around wonderful vacation!(the last time I skied in Utah, I was 12 years old!)


Um, you're only the next-to-last person to read Into Thin Air. (I'll have to go check it out...)
Glad you had a good trip. Your ski vacations have been wonderful-looking. Even I think they looked like fun - and you know how I feel about snow!


Welcome Home! Sounds like you had a really good week.

I've never felt so, so cold or such despair as I did reading that book. I second kmkat's comment.


It looks like a lovely trip, all the way around.
You need one of these to keep track of sock decreases:


Cindy D

Visiting with Margene and Smith must have been fun!

Into Thin Air is a page turner for sure even if you're the last to read it.You've piqued my interest in The Abyssinian.

I can't put down..... Things I've Been Silent About: Memories by the author of Reading Lolita in Tehran, another must read.


Think I'll look for the Abyssinian. Snowdrops is on my short list, too.

Caroline M

I am a sock toe squinter, if I can't see well enough to make it out then it's too late in the day to be knitting anyway.

We have catkins now and big fat fluffy bees zooming about, I have mowing guilt already.


I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the Maelstrom socks. It was nice to see you at SPA...

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