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You're right, you're right, I know you're right.


My brother got all the exercise genes in my family. (He also got the ability to tan - if he didn't look so much like my dad I'd have compared him to the mailman.) He's an ironman triathlete, I like nothing better than sitting my (considerable) butt down on the couch and knitting, spinning, quilting, appliqueing, whatever. I may be driven to learning to jog, though - my toddler just developed a serious need for speed on his bike.


Did you say something about exercise? I can't get past the pretty fiber.


As for how much -- http://www.cdc.gov/physicalactivity/everyone/guidelines/adults.html

You are so right!


Lots of people say they have more energy when exercise is part of their regular routine. Didn't happen for me. Never mind the endorphin high, I never even felt energetic. After exercising, I would just feel tired, even at my fittest (and trimmest). These days, I've lost all my pregnancy weight and then some (almost 10 lbs less than prebaby), but I can't get myself to exercise regularly because I am still too damn tired. Until I can routinely get more sleep, I don't see a way out of this doldrum. So we now are trying hard to start night weaning the baby.

Carol Cousins-Tyler

So, was that lecture addressed to me? Or are you firing at all of us with your scatter gun? Having consumed numerous chocolate chip cookies (home made) this weekend, I am feeling very guilty about lack of exercise. But I admit, you are Right! Perhaps, some walking tomorrow. Just to the corner and back, orrrr maybe around the block. Ya gotta start some where! Carol

Caroline M

I know you are right but I still see it as a pointless waste of my time. Walking the dog is ok, gardening is productive, cycling somewhere has a point. Getting sweaty with no product doesn't engage me at all. The one and only time I did serious gym/dance/aerobics/badminton I went with a friend and we were having a fun time.


Of course you are right. That's why I hate you.


I know, I know. I have been off the gerbil wheel for a week with this damn cold, but just as soon as we get back from Baltimore and DC (opera, Baby Gus, hopefully lots of walking) I promise I'll get back to the exercise. I just downloaded the Biggest Loser book onto my Kindle app for the iPod Touch...does that count?

Missed you Saturday....wanted to see the look on your face when I told you I was on the list for a cherry, Anniversary Schacht Matchless! (It almost floated away yesterday, but snafu avoided and back on track.)


My chief benefit from exercising is my feeling of smug virtuousness, even though it's not extreme, even though it's not public, even though it's not pretty. Oh and yeah, it keeps the cholesterol in check and appears to insulate me a bit from my nasty weak back.

No endorphin high either. I think you have to do a lot more, and do it while you a lot fitter than I have ever been.

I hate it though. Hate it.


About a year ago, my sister-in-law (daily power yoga, et al.) found me a great trainer at Mike's Gym. Her skills and attitude are great, and I'm happy to feel improvement (though I don't think endorphins have kicked in). It's a little frightening to realize that I have to keep it up "forever," but at 67 I'm probably in better shape than ever. I know everything you say is right, and I hope I can continue(and even improve) my current situation. I certainly feel more virtuous than I did sans exercise!


I am walking straight over to the treadmill. You are so right. Please give us this PSA once a month.


Laughing at Carole's "When Harry Met Sally" quote, because it's so true. Getting Chappy out for a stroll around the block is about all the exercise I get these days... so SAD! (And unhealthy.)


I'd leave a longer comment, but I'm about to be late to my workout group at the pool... gotta go swim!


sigh....you are so right. I just wish it didn't feel so much like work. :(


Why is doing the right thing so hard? I know you explained it, but still...


Bookish Wendy

What a great post!


Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is a GREAT post and I am so linking to it when I get around to my own diet/exercise post.

Frankly, our dear friends the knitbloggers really need our peer modeling on this issue. Its in our interest to keep our friends around for a long, long time.


thanks for a really great post. I know I needed that talking to.


I hate it when other people are right!

The changes in diet are paying off - both in weight loss (9.4 pounds so far) and increased energy. So the dog and I are walking more (nice spring weather doesn't hurt). Have started adding some modified strength training. As the weight comes off, I will be able to add more vigorous cardio.

Small baby steps and changes that I can stick with. The weight didn't go on overnight; it's not all going to come off overnight (though I would not be opposed to my fairy godmother waving her magic wand to make it so, but I think the wand is broke).


I've started to make walking up my hill a regular habit several times a week (downpour permitting) since the beginning of this year. I'm now down 7 pounds, but even more is what I've discovered while walking around (nature! freedom! being able to think randomly and listen to good music!) and the sad, cramped feeling I get when I can't go out.


I just can't force myself to exercise. But tae kwon do? Love. It. After 6 months of twice a week, I'm more flexible, stronger, more energetic, more focused, have more stamina, and have muscle rather than just flab. Time to increase to three times a week.


Two hour gym session three times per week plus Pilates evening class speaking here :-) I don't look forward to it, although I know that after 10 minutes on the treadmill with the right music, I will probably be starting to get into the groove... I just do it. If I don't, I won't be fit for backpacking and hiking. I won't have abs, I won't be able to do a jacknife pike (learned to do that at 50, I am PROUD). But fitness is the short-term goal.

A life worth living is the real goal. When I first met my grandmother, I saw my face on what looked like an immense sack of potatoes slumped in a comfortable chair. Couldn't move more than 10m if she wanted to. When I'm sweating and breathless and desperately want to STOP RIGHT NOW, that image is what drives me to finish, because if I stop I'm cheating myself and my future.

Melissa G

Why exercise if it's not fun? There are so many options out there that a person should be able to find something to suit. Not a gym rat? Try renting a Wii Fit or exercise DVD to do at home. Instead of walking the dog take it for a skip or sashay, good for both of you. Play kickball with the kids or dance with them to some great music while the pasta boils. Stand on one foot while slicing vegetables. Jump rope...Keep trying new things until you find something you love, and then still keep trying new things.


I recommend martial arts as exercise - it's more fun than an aerobics class, and you learn new skills and can feel actual progress.
Though, I've been out of training in TaeKwonDo for almost 2 years now. (I started it at age 46, got my black belt at age 50, taught for a couple of years after that.) I do miss it. I was in the best physical condition of my life at age 50 when I was preparing for my black belt testing.
I'm now psyching myself up to work some of the rust out. Now that warm weather is coming, I'll be able to work out outside (our house is too small for jumping spinning kicks...)

Though I have a fairly physical job - all day I'm walking, lifting, reaching, turning, and all of that in a hurry. I lost 20 pounds in the first 6 months, only 5 of which I could spare. (It takes a lot of calories to offset what I burn each day.) I do feel better than I did in my last, more sedentary, job.


Do knitting and spinning count as exercise? I treadled for a full two hours yesterday and knitted for three hours the day before? Ha! Ha! We should be so lucky...


Meaningful activity is easier and more motivating than excercise. I can't stand to be trapped on a treadmill for half an hour but walking my dog, why! I do that twice a day for over half an hour.

Have you heard of Blue Zones? http://www.bluezones.com/about

Cindy D

I needed your pep talk on exercise.

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