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Love the cupholder! The other day while spinning I spilled iced tea all over....well, never mind.


Oh, nice cupholder. When I think of the oddball cups I've rigged on my AA electric to hold the water for wet-spinning line flax... Jealous!

I never thought to use Dew Drop for an allover scarf. Excellent.

I know I still owe you another email. I think it's in my drafts folder. Am scurrying to do some accounting that's due next week. My world is composed of bags of receipts. When I surface...


Ha! That's my wheel modeling the cupholder. And now the prototype Matchless cupholder lives with me :) Mr. Aswim in Knits is wondering why I can't just put my cup on the floor. I told him that other people get it, just not him ...

Caroline M

Pretty photos, the cup holder is such a neat idea too. I'm glad you had a good time at the weekend, I did think of you once or twice.


I LOVE the new scarf -- color and pattern are lovely together -- looks yummy and soft. And I adore the colorway of Judy's yarn -- I keep looking at it all weekend! Yeah, the cup holder is WAY cool.


Love the Manly red chainmail!
And the cupholder is an idea that's just too good to be true.
Your fluff is gorgeous. I've been watching the unfolding of Maplewing and feeling shawl lust...


Smart to stretch yourself and pick up the fiber in that colorway. It will spin up into an amazing yarn. Love the cupholder idea! Hope she makes on for a Lendrum, too.
Everyone had such a good time at SPA...you grrls know how to party! Did you spin much?


DewDrop Lace - the name gives me giggles. It is so appropriate for what I do. The scarf? Loverly! And yet nicely manly, too.

Cupholders on wheels. Given my clutziness, I saw that and thought YIKES! I just know I'll spill all over my developing yarn. Matching candy dish - now that has my name all over it!

MT Black Current sits somewhere in my stash. Lovelovelove. Have fun with all your pretties!


SPA sounds like it was a winner again this year!

Snort. Mr. E - silly man - shouldn't he know better than to even ask at this point? He should just smile and nod.


It was GREAT to see you this weekend! I can so see Mr. E saying that...heehee


Mr. Etherknitter sounds like a hoot!


I bought my cupholder from Kelly this week, too! Can't wait for it to arrive.


Oh how kind! Roving in my colours! Gee thanks!


Thank you for the chuckles this morning. Chainmail and cupholders. Ha!


clever - clever..
"Chainmail" (which is gorgeous btw) and "spin-toon" in the same post ;-)
You guys are fabulous word-smiths!!

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