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Look at you go! Amazing! And I think you'd look stunning in those boots. Get out your stash of white eyelash yarn and knit yourself some boot cozies. Before SPA, please.

Laura J

Wookie boots never go out of style.

Pity, that.


As soon as I saw the boots I knew it was CO and very likely Aspen.
Most of your knitting problems will be fixed with experience. It's all part of that damn process.


It's not like it was a knitting vacation after all. With all that snow of course you spent more time on that than anything else. Plenty of time for knitting when you are back in the gray gloominess of late winter in NE.


I love the boots and if I was six feet something or other I would probably wear them. At four feet not quite eleven I would be an hysterical sight.


I love the picture of you skiing!

Caroline M

The thing about babies is that they come in all sizes and if they're not initially in the size you knitted for then they will be soon. They have amazingly huge heads too.

The top photo says a lot about your colour preferences doesn't it?


Love your optimism! (And for cuff-down socks, try a tubular cast-on. Changed. My. Life.)
Imagine how those boots would look after a day of slogging around through New England snow/sand/slop/mud. Bedraggled Wookie...


That bag is YOU! So, didja buy it? The knitting form/speed will come...just in time to get kicked in the butt by arthritis in your fingers.


Have you ever tried a twisted German cast on (it's a long-tail variation)? It makes a nice stretch edge for top down socks and there are a couple of places online with visual tutorials for it.

Melissa G

I'm a long-tail fan myself.

The thing about Aspen is they have their own unique style. Just watch vintage footage on PlumTV and then you see it on the slopes too. We decided it is a time warp.

Actually we are Front Range skiers which means we can get down anything and occasionally look good doing it. For fun I imitate the Aspen style. When in Rome...

Ask me about the Burberry/Gucci comment I heard.


My goodness, I think they make a pill to treat that foot/wrist condition now...
Don't think of it as misplaced optimism. Clearly your knitting needed to get out of the rat race for a little while too.


I am tantalized by the concept of optimism *not* being absolute. Is it binary or analog? I'll have to re-read Learned Optimism.

I nearly always cast on long-tail for sock cuffs because of the elasticity and the nice visual line.

Hats. Babies have absurdly large heads. I have the same problem with circs and hat knitting, thus I use dpns. Hand stress simply isn't worth it. You can always knit flat and seam, too. If the colourwork is going to blurb across the seam, make a plait of the contrasting colors, starting with the ends at the peak of the hat, and catch it as a decorative element over the seam on the way down, can even tassle the very end.

Doesn't skiing with good form *feel* better, too? I love when it all comes together. Harmony.

My MIL adores Aspen and stays at her family's manse often. Ack.


Those boots remind me of the Budweiser horses!

I admire your skiing - I've never been.


The picture in my mind right now: you shooshing down the slopes in the wookie boots. Knitting. I'm getting a big kick out of that.


I do the same thing -- is it optimism? Or unbridled delusion? :-)

LOVE the skiing picture!


Mmm, your scarf is so GORGEOUS! I knit one in Cascade 220 heathers this fall for the Red Scarf Project. I like your blue-greens better than my brown/black heather.


I am a long tail fan too, but I am off to check out the twisted German cast on...sounds interesting.

You look great on the slopes!


You certainly look good coming down the slope. That blue-green yarn in the scarf and the one in the corner are yummy.


When I was in high school they used to be called Afghan boots. Great skiing shot.


That snow on the ski slope looks marvelous. Way to go carving those turns!


You look great! Keep on schussin'. As far as knitting on a trip...what were you thinking? At least you did "stash" shopping rather than succumb to a yarn purchase on the trip. Good for you!


Oh yes...Aspen. I used to live in Glenwood and for kicks we'd go to Aspen and snicker. Oh well.

And yes to Marcia's speed and arthritis. Oh yes.

Love your skiing. Bless the Mr for that one. Gorgeous!!


Those boots are probably warm. And perhaps the bag would keep your lunch warm. I love things that are made never to be put down except maybe on the car seat. NYC would do for that bag in a moment.

The Knitter's Companion says that newborns' heads are 15" and it's true, if you make the hat too small it doesn't last very long. I walk around staring at children in strollers and I'm sure their nannies think I'm a potetial kidnapper (imagine if I asked to measure the baby's head...SO Hansel and Gretel). Try the Magic Loop with a 32" Kollage square needle (I am obsessed with them, so much easier on the hands and the cords are so flexible that Magic Loop works for me now). Use one needle size down, they seem to run small.


you little hot dog you! Who knew!!
And those boots, well let's just say that I'd wear them apres skiing (heh heh) but probably never anywhere else. I think they're a hoot.

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