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I'll join SKC! Being a process knitter is the only way I can deal with tinking and frogging. And yes to winter sports! My epiphany occurred on a downhill slope as well. I've since slowed down to cross country speed. And I get the 2D effects of the Rockies. I was in Denver several years ago for training. My motel faced east - flatlands - but when I stepped out the door, I saw a postcard of mountains. It did not look real at all. Enjoy your winter holiday!


I too would join SKC! That seems to be the way things are going around here. Your pictures made me homesick. Didn't realize how much I missed the Rockies until I saw them through your lens. Have a great winter holiday and stay safe. Expecting that group upon your return.


I'll join SKC! I am slowwwwww. 250 yds sounds like a whole dang lot to me!

Lisa McGuire

I, too, will join the SKC! I am *so s.l.o.w.* My DD said earlier toady that it would take my about 10 years to knit entrelac socks...she's probably right. :) Love your vacation pix; I wish I were there!


Sign me up for the SKC....I've been like molasses lately. Your photos are gorgeous, although Typepad is doing whonky things to them. The image was soooo tiny at first I didn't realize it was a picture. When I clicked on it, BAM, the whole screen! I really wish I still could ski....


Looks gorgeous. I miss the crunch of snow underboot.

Caroline M

I've been that high once (3500m), I stepped out of the gondola and gulped air like a fish out of water. There is no way I'd have been carrying my skis 400m on the flat, never mind uphill.

I'm off snow at the moment, now I have to walk in it I've decided that I prefer all those winters where we don't have it.

Carol Cousins-Tyler

Thanks for reminding me, It's been a little under three years that I've been reading your blog. Came over after reading the Harlot's post about poor Mr. E. I've been enjoying your blog since and a lot of others besides! Perhaps I could join the SKC as I'm currently working on some socks that I would swear are being knit in lace weight yarn. (Slowly I turn...) Hope you had a Super time! Carol (GrizzlyBear on Rav)


I'll join your SKC. I"m just back from a week of X-country skiing and only managed 125 yds. of yarn in my knitting. Slow as molasses at the temps we had! The Snowmass photos are luring me back to Colorado.


Looks like there is quite a need for SKC and I'm certainly in the group.

Love the story behind the photo. I've always thought it was you in a fit of giggles. Glad you had such fun in such splendor.


The amount of yardage doesn't matter. How many miles of ski runs did you do...that's why you're there.


It's gorgeous. As I told Claudia, I'll wait for you in the ski lodge any day.


I feel the need to comment to this post, but haven't the faintest idea what to say. Me? Can't control the speed and don't like it. Give me my winter sports any day: X-country skiing, snowshoeing, running and apres knitting etc.

Glad to see you are having a great time, be SAFE!


Please, join us!! (Although maybe this isn't quite the SKC you were thinking of....)



Hey grrl, I am right there with you in the SKC. Who wants to knit when they can ski in such incredible beauty though?


Glad you are getting your fix of winter exercise, and beautiful blue skies.

ENJOY! And be sure Mr. E takes it easy (well... as easy as he will) this year.


That scenery and ski-nery is so incredibly beautiful. There is nothing like it on this coast to compare. Perhaps the view from Wildcat towards Mt. Washington gives a small taste....


Okay, the question in my mind now is - you TOOK a picture of Mr. E's bloody sock with the bone poking into the fabric? ;o)


I'm with you on that winter exercise. Much preferable to the sweaty summer variety. Thanks for the pic of the Bells, one of my favorites.

Melissa G

no WAY! I just got back from there today and even saw your Latin bistro in the alley that starts with Z on our way to dinner last night. The millimeter of new did not merit an extra half day today. Longshot is one of our favorites/traditions at Snowmass (even though it ate my friend's basket this time). Are your pictures from Thursday? It seemed cloudier after that what with the 50-70% chance of snow that didn't fall. I balled up a couple skeins and started a toddler sweater and knit a sock gusset during the trip. Mr. E did his tib/fib in Utah though?


I always suspected that picture was you laughing in the snow...
Glad you're enjoying your snow time. I suspect I was a bear in a previous lifetime - when cold weather comes, I just want to sleep until it's over. 8)


I'll join. ;o)

Thank you for the little bit of back-story!

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