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I can't wait to see what that beautiful yarn becomes!


'Twas not a project - it was your swatch for pattern...
I'm looking forward to your post-SPA posts. In the meantime, enjoy the down-time. Sometimes it takes a break to bring back the joy.


Shetland Triangle is as easy and beautiful as lace can be. The yarn looks sumptuous.
We need to talk about reactions to JMM and the class. With renewed interest and excitement I came home and spun non-stop. Everyday brings new insight and enjoyment of the process.
You must share all of SPA with me. If only it (and all of you) was not so far away.


Spin for the joy of it, not to show that you can do The Right Way, whatever that is.

I wonder if I can bring the CPW....


G-string in progress - hahahaha. Need a link for an angora thong? Pattern reads simple, though I haven't tested it. Yet. It would make quite a FO for Spa fashion show, yes?

If all the theory is making your head spin more than your wheel, perhaps it's time to let it go. Fondle a favorite fiber and let it take you where it will.


I'm still a clap virgin - the coin lace clap just might do it for me, though!

Caroline M

If you're making the yarn that you want then you're doing it right. If you're not spinning then that's not making the yarn that you want. Here endeth my lecture (the invoice will be in the post)

G string in progress - I went shopping for new undies today and as it's half term I had to take my junior fashion advisor with me. There is much more to lingerie (pronounced linger-y) than an eight year old male was previously aware of. I suspect the assistants are still laughing now.


See you on Friday - can't wait!


I really like the coin lace clap! The panel between the dropped stitches is gorgeous! Enjoy the process of finding out what the alpaca will be...


8 more sleeps.........wheeeeeee!


I thought the Clapotis *is* a swatch. ;op

It's always chilly at CS. Oh and you were like 20 minutes from my house...I may forgive you...eventually. ;o)


have fun at SPA - can't wait to hear all about it.

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