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Words to live by. Thank you. I am reassessing my commitments to quality of life for the long-term. The birdsfoot scarf is gorgeous! Well worth the agony! Excellent FO!


Auntie is spot on. It turned out beautifully.

My goals for this year should be identical to yours. The exercise one will be the most difficult, but it is the key to losing the 10 lb. What strategy/tactics will you use?


Your intentions are wonderful. I love the scarf, too.


60-second memory or not, your auntie knows of what she speaks!


Your auntie is wise as are you.


Oooo - look! Finished and it is beautiful! Your auntie has superb taste!

All of your "resolutions" are great ones, especially the exercise one. I am trying to figure out things other than riding that I can fit into the schedule .... that I don't absolutely hate doing.


Auntie is very wise -- it's gorgeous. And your goals are spot on!


I love the auntie story. I wish you well on your non-resolutions.


I second Kathy! Wise and Gorgeous!


I vote for you expounding on your 10 lb. strategy. I've found that presenting concretely the steps taken to meeting a goal like this really inspires others to follow the leader.

Every little bit helps.

That is a lovely scarf. How special that it sparked such a reaction from your auntie!


I'm sorry about the Auntie's state of mind - I have an uncle like that, and the last time I saw him, he must have offered me a meal about every 5 minutes for more than an hour. His graceful sense of hospitality was touching.

It was worth redoing the scarf. It is beautiful.

As you know, I read a lot of medical literature - for work and for curiosity, in as many fields as I can touch. Even before I had a baby, the pediatric articles sometimes would make me cry and often would make me resolve to live in a way that was as personally satisfying as possible because, good god, we don't have a lot of time on this earth.

A side note - a Wii Fit might make the flexibility part of training more interesting. It puts a lot of emphasis on balance, too.


Wonderful scarf and a great color on you! Your auntie knows what she is talking about on that one.

As for the Lists or Resolutions or whatever you call them, Living with Intention is a great way to put it. I've already knocked #1 off my list and finished some grandkid knitting yesterday. And did 45 minutes on the treadmill....but now you tell me weights, too? Yuck. On to the next item!


Oh, and SNORT on the "dead in a ditch" reference!


Nice scarf!

I live by # 2 - 4. Or rather, I almost live by 3 unless my Shetland and alpaca growers shear. Then, it's celebration and stash expansion.

Lee Ann

My genetic destiny doesn't fit in my pants either. Please share your strategy for fitting in all three legs.

That sounded all sorts of wrong, didn't it...

Melissa G

Hey I'll try and go the 20 minutes with you. Does stretching and calisthenics after briskly walking the dog count? Second the Wii Fit--I do think my balance has noticably improved.


I can sympathize with the resolution issues. Like you, mine have become more general goals.

The scarf is beautiful. All of us should have some knitted piece that we don't want to take off!

And, finally, toe up socks are one of those mystical things... once you try them, it becomes hard to go back. They are so easy to customize when started from the toe.


I think you've approached resolutions with the right frame of mind. Changes in approach, with positive end results.

The scarf is BEAUTIFUL.


I'm with you, 100%.
Your Aunti knows what she's talking about, in the moment.


Great scarf! It blocked up nicely. Never take it off, it is very becoming. Your goals are very similar to mine. The weight must go, it is to much to carry around and just plain takes up space. And the living with intent. My bucket list is made and am hitting it now! I think the sock pattern you downloaded for me is a toe up..give it a try!


That *is* a very nice pattern.


What a beautiful scarf!

I *highly* recommend yoga for strength, flexibility, and balance. It never gets boring, either.


I second the couple of previous motions about expounding on your fitness plan and working all those legs. I have also begun -- very, very sloooooowly (so I don't overdue and then have a reason to quit) -- working out. With intention.


That's a wonderful list, particularly living with intent! Your scarf is beautiful! Great color!


Laurie, you look so lovely and cozy in your scarf. I've just started to exercise again. Can't believe how much flexibility I've lost. Hope I can get some back.

Lisa McGuire

As an oncology nurse, I, too, have seen and heard much. I tell those I care for to "'live' your [their] live[s] while fighting for your[their] life[lives]"..."no regrets" from here on out. Our time here on this blue planet is not guaranteed, and no one has lived forever. I really appreciate your reassessment, it is thoughtful and thought provoking. Your Auntie, can still recognize beauty and quality work through the haze of demetia. You're blessed.


Instead of resolutions, I prefer to think of 'focusing on things I want to accomplish'.

Your scarf is lovely - that birdsfoot is such a nice pattern.


Lovely scarf. Lovely non-resolutions. Let's hope it's a lovely year!


Lovely scarf! I can see why you've hardly taken it off!


Those are good intentions. May I recommend Judy's Magic Cast On for toe up socks? I've enjoyed it recently.


Very good non-resolutions. I think #4 is the most important - all others start from there.
When I finally escaped from my first marriage, I resolved to have a happy life. (Not a New Year's Resolution, but a Life Resolution.) Every day I get up with the intention of making this the Best Day Ever. Admittedly, some days need more of a push in the right direction than others. Still...

And Auntie is absolutely right about the scarf. You're going to be disappointed when the weather gets too warm to wear it, aren't you?


Beautifully written. My assessment goals are very similar, with one addition to be kind to myself. :)

Your Auntie sounds like a dear and she is so right about your scarf, it's so pretty, especially on you :).

lynne s of oz

Lovely birdsfoot! Your aunt has it in one.
Good luck on meeting your goals for 2009! I lost a few lb by riding my bike as much as possible. My first goal is to recover from a middle ear infection and a) feel well and b) be able to hear again!


Oooo, Birdsfoot is also very pretty and well knit. You deserve a nice big hot fudge sundae... oh, wait. You deserve a nice pat on the back.


love the Birdsfoot scarf. love it.
stunning color, and great pattern.
and yes, that's nice. :-)

Seems to me that #4 is the most significant of your intentions for this year.. and that if you acknowledge it every day, the others will fall immediately into place (another grin) besides, what's ten pounds to a dust mote (huge grins)


Talk about universal[ly overlooked] common sense! (Which of course is hardly common). I'm not quite at 10%, but only because I have plenty of loose clothing, which is its own mixed blessing.

And great job on the scarf; you're a better woman than I, since I become a whiny impatient bitch when knitting items with no landmarks (scarves, shawls, blankets). I have knitted one scarf EVER, and one shawl (with huge yarn) EVER, and I do say "never again". Yours is lovely.


pretty, pretty!!

Happy New Year!


My first time here and I picked a good one! Your scarf is lovely, but your thoughts for the new year even more so. I hope we are all thinking, thinking, thinking about how to LIVE our lives to the best and fullest from now on. (I love that phase "living with intent". It's so easy to just drift along, reacting instead of acting----but, it doesn't make for an intentional life.)


It's that exercise every day resolution that does me in every single time. I'd really like to get that one right for a change. Your demented auntie isn't so demented after all. :)

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