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Boots? Hey whatever works...... enjoying my loot- thank you!


Oh, so funny! What exercise did you do in those boots??

Lisa McGuire

Well, Happy Grand Cru White Burgundy Birthday to you, there's a girl who knows her wine and who knows a great buy. The birthday fairies were looking out for you. :) At least you didn't leave the house with your slippers on...I've done that. :)


Sounds like things that could have been unpleasant turned into very pleasant surprises.


Holy tannins indeed. And happy birthday, dearie - may you have many more!


My mother always sad good things can come from bad. Don't forget your check book when you get to Patternworks!


Actually, that seems like a pretty darn fine way to end things. How nice they were able to give you a free upgrade to first class on the wine selection!

Happy (belated) Birthday! (Oops! Forgot!)


Man, a comedy of errors! I dunno about wines, but "grand" anything for half price sounds like a nice birthday present. Happy birthday!


Did your wine-ing overwhelm your memory? Love your sock! And that's exactly where my sock is - I vacuumed up my chibi. Funny. My mistake means a trip to LYS, too. I may have to vacuum more.

Happy Birthday, like Anne said!


A very belated Happy Birthday! When Chibi-less, one can always do the Eye of the Blossom toe a la Nancy Bush, ya know. Patternworks, eh? If it's anything like Keepsake, you are in trouble!

Caroline M

The wrong boots would have been a bit of a killer, the rest not so bad (the wine positively good even). I hope you had a happy cake day and that the forgetting spell is now over.


A belated Happy Birthday! (I didn't forget - I just didn't know...)
Ah, Patternworks. Yesterday I saw a post on another blog where someone had gone to Keepsake. The two most dangerous stores on the planet, and right next door to each other. *sigh* Brings tears to my eye just thinking about it...
I need a road trip.


Happy birthday! Sounds as though your sommelier got into the spirit of it beautifully -- and hope the Grand Cru was indeed grand! At what noble spot were you celebrating? I have one of those events coming up and am trying to decide how to handle it (no Mr. L. to help, alas, but a huge platter of choices). So glad Mr. E. is back skiing after his misadventures a few(?) years ago. Impressive, despite the wrong boots. Here's to a good year ahead.


Oh wow - sometimes you just have to laugh! Happy late birthday!!!

Cheryl S.

Happy Birthday - and what a surprise treat on the wine!

At least you'll have a birthday week to remember and laugh about.


oh my, happy belated birthday!!!
woot woot, what a score on that Grand Cru!
what a week :-)


Happy, Happy Birthday! The birthday goddess surely was smiling on you and a trip to patternworks was definitely a nice consolation.


Happy birthday!! Patternworks means an eye candy post, doesn't it?


The Jadot is a nice one. Good choice. So, have you had any of Fred Magnien's wines yet? He's a splendid man and his wine is even better...


Sounds like your birthday was happy anyway!


Happy Birthday! At least you got really good wine out of the deal!


Remind me to show you how to knit off the toes of socks when we're at SPA next month. Looks just like kitchner, but you don't need a separate darning needle. You'll probably look at me after you're done and say "now why couldn't I have thought of that", just like I did when it was shown to me. :)

Melissa G

You go girl! Happy Birthday! My father in law ran a 5K on a business trip in his dark socks and dress shoes for the T shirt.


Happy Belated! And the wine story is great. I remember the days of wine shopping. That was before children, when we still had a disposal income. LOL Love the rosewood needles on your socks. Nice touch!

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Belated happy birthday to you i am enjoying to read your article thanks for the info.

Cindy D

Happy Belated B Day!


Happy Belated Grand Cru Birthday to you! And you know, in the name of exercise, working out in heavy boots probably did burn more calories and such... nice socks!


Belated Happy Birthday (and at least the Mr. didn't break anything....)

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