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What a sweet picture!


I love that picture! I'll bet her parents would love it too.


It is so cool to watch the little ones this time of year and see the awe of it all on their faces.


That is the best W ever!


Perfect picture! (By the way, I'm so glad so many of you guys decided to blog every day...nothing worse than opening bloglines and seeing nothing, except maybe an empty mailbox. Anyway, thanks!)

Caroline M

I don't think I was ever young enough for a halo - they weren't an option when I was young enough to get away with it.

I'm with Marcia, thank you for your efforts through November. You've been a delight to read especially with the the wrong handed spinning which made me think about things from a different angle.


You show us such wonderful pictures. Thank you!


Great! Still posting . . . :-)

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