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Mr. E is clearly a man secure in his manliness if he considers lace to be "texture." Does he give lessons to other men? I could use him.

Love the colors you have chosen!


My favorite part of the schematic is the measurement that reads "whatever." Laughed out loud, I did ...


Yeah, whatever got me, too.


Wow, that's awesome. I'm doing one almost exactly that stitch pattern (the diamonds are 7 st wide instead of 5) in sea silk, and the effect is SO different! The Mr's is going to look really striking with the black accent, too.


So scientific. And yet, so not. Whatever.


Interested to see how the color changes work with the leaves/diamonds.

Also, will be very pleased to read you more regularly through December.


I knew you'd be in for December :-)


You made quick progress on Birdsfoot. The scarf for Mr. E will be interesting and enjoyable to do and that red...oh yes, that is going to dramatic.


I'm glad you're continuing through December. (I finally wimped out last night, and gave it a miss.)
The scarf looks like fun to knit - that plain midsection should help with that feeling of "I've been knitting this same pattern for 42 miles!!!!! Argh!!!!"
And I liked "whatever" too. It's good to have an indicator for nonessential parameters.


I, too, am glad you are pushing on through December. And, thanks for the reminder that I owe my hubby a scarf. Unfortunately, he wants his made from the alpaca fleece he bought for me at Rhinebeck. I better get on it.


The schematic is awesome.


Whoo hoo........glad you will be with us thru December too!

Nice pattern for Mr. E

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