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LOVE those. The cuffs are gorgeous.


He's a keeper, all right, that guy. Could you clone him? I'm quite sure there is a vast market for men like that.


That netbook looks awesome! Mr. E. is a peach. Nice mittens too. I like the loops.


Perfect on both counts! Actually 3 counts. :-)


I just got an Acer Aspire One today (click my name to see the link). Really fun, and all kinds of possibilities, as you say. Happy New Year!


Ah, I get to follow the spammer....

Looks like a nifty little 'puter! Technology never ceases to amaze me.
Love the mittens - especially the cuffs.


Great Mitts! I've not seen that yarn or pattern. Loved your previous post's "my stunned knitterbrain" description. Struck a funnybone in me. Bummer on the discovery, but at least your familiar with the pattern :)


Mr. Etherknitter has your number, and how!

Caroline M

The husband tried to get me one for Christmas but I already have a laptop. It may be huge and slow with a wonky battery but it works. I didn't have an electric spinner...


Those mittens look soooo warm. Love the cuff design.

Happy New Year, Laurie!


The mittens are beautiful. I'll be jealous of your netbook. Just tell me you didn't get the red one.


I want Mr. E when you're done with him. The mittens I can knit for myself (and just might). The male - well, that I'm not so good at.


I don't know which is cuter: mitts, 'puter, or Mr. E. Questions: is there any reason the cuff can't be knit in the round? How much better/more convenient is the 'puter than a laptop? Does he have any single good lookin' friends??


Now that looks like a cozy warm pair of mittens and a perfect yarn to keep the precious portable blogging device safe. Mr. E is so smart at so many levels. ;-)


I want your mittens, and your computer! What a clever man you have there. But then, you knew that already.


Mr. E is obviously a savvy knitter-husband. Brilliant idea!


LOVE those mittens (where did you find that yarn?)! And why not an iPhone? That gets internet AND takes photos! Happy New Year!


The mitts looks great. And that Mr. E, always thinking . . . :-)

Happy New Year! xoxo


great mitts! AND, classic elite came out with a felted knit pattern for laptops that might be just about right for yours..


Those mittens are FAB. I totally love the Polartec angle. :)


Love the mittens. They're gorgeous! I'm in the same boat with you. I can't remember what I did before the tiny netbook entered my life. I have the Acer Aspire One and I just love it. I use Evernote to store patterns and other assorted things like basic yardage requirements to keep things at my fingertips at all times. My little Acer lives in my purse (yes a bigger size purse) and has become as indispensable as my iPhone. I've been meaning to knit it a sleeve or wait, weave one ;)

enjoy and happy new year!


Nice mittens! Why the big loop?

What a nice Mr. you have, too!


Love the mittens - they look SO warm and that cuff is beautiful - just printed it off. I don't see any reason I couldn't just use regular bulky yarn??


Laurie, I wish you and Mr. E. a happy new year! A netbook is a fabulous idea and probably what I'll ge when this laptop bites the dust.

Lisa McGuire

Love the mittens, so much in fact that I ordered the yarn and just received confirmation that it is on its way to my house...yipee! (Now I just have to find 2X4 dpns.) :) Cool computer, is it just like a laptop, only compact? Have a GREAT New Year's Eve. :)


Funny you should post about mittens and yarn. Just before reading your post I realized I have no gloves or mittens for skiing and searched for yarn in my stash to make a pair. But, to my dismay, found nothing appropriate. Then, low and behold, here you come with a beautiful pair of mittens made with a different kind of yarn! That is why I love you - you have an innate ability to enable. Thank you for doing such a great job!

Lee Ann

Hypercute, but I'm not sure you want to knit a case for it. My husband the geek claims that yarn cases for any electronics are a bad idea because they create electrostatic nastiness that can kill your device.

I LOVE the mittens. needneedneed :-)

Happy New Year, darling Laurie!


Those are awesome! Thanks for the pattern!


Those are awesome! The cable pattern matches a headband that I made for myself awhile back, too! Thanks!


I looked at that notebook before going with mine. It was ever so tempting...


Those look fantastic! Especially in the below zero temps we've been enduring out here.


Very nice! I fondled some of that in the yarn shop - let me know how it holds up!


Really nice mittens. You are so fortunate to have a spouse who supports your knitting.


Let's hear it for warm mittens *and* speedy gratification -- two things to keep us going in the bleak midwinter. I have Miss B's scarf to keep me happy, as it is 1) only 25 sts wide 2) a pattern interesting enough to hold my attention but too easy to write down 3) already more than half done.

It is also lime green, on which my first thought was "bleah," but anything green is welcome these days.


Great mittens! I found the yarn online, now I just need to find #11 dpns!

Cindy D

Hmmmmmm the Netbook looks tempting..........I'm thinking about a iPod touch, but the keyboard thing has me thinking.............

Lovely mittens with warm polartec! The Birdsfoot shawl is a beautiful handknit!!!

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