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Short BACKWARD draw? Shame on you! JMM does not approve! I'm with you on the WooLee Winder, though...from my cold, dead hands, along with my S&W .38. I find the hoopla over "Navajo plying" insane....hate it. I tried to switch my spinning to compensate for my English knitting (spin to the left, ply to the right) but find it makes little difference. BTW...my plying has improved since I stopped using Judith's technique. What can I tell you? Can't wait for her next book.


I can't wait to spend a little more time learning some of the things you have learned from JMM.

I have to admit, I do love my Woolee Winder on my Lendrum. You are right, discipline is needed to check on consistency, but it is a sweet tool. :)


Great post that I already know I'm going to have to re-read. I also like my woolee winder, but find that I actually use it less these days, though I think that's more because of the clacking noise as the "eye" shifts back and forth than anything else, but for plying? How can you NOT appreciate it? It's like non-stick pans--there are things you should NOT use them for, and there are times when you just want the convenience!

I've never liked navaho plying, either....


Thank you for pointing out that actually *reading* her book is more effective than having it just sit on my bookshelf. ;)

Caroline M

I still like n plying because it makes pretty stripes. I don't care if that makes me shallow and immature - I like stripey socks. Pfff. (insert raspberry noise here)


So much info here! I'm glad she agrees with Carol, in that woolen spun needs less single twist and more ply twist, as that's where I'm headed with my 1st large woolenspun project.

Also, I guess I need to get the book - I figured since it included the words "teach yourself" and I already KNOW how to spin I didn't need it - I see I'm very wrong now.


There is indeed a lot in JMM's book. And what you parroted about two-ply worsted, hardspun in the single, is exactly why I was spinning that pink Abbybatt the way I was.


The recap of JMM's words of wisdom is excellent. She's been in my head all weekend as I've been at my wheel. I'm rather fond of 3 ply yarn.


LOL re:nply. The basket weave merino handspun sweater is n. plied. I rather like the texture and I felt I overspun the merino but oh...it's lovely in the sweater. In fact, I couldn't stop knitting the yarn and added a hood. Now to drill holes in the antler buttons and sew them on.

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