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I'll take 30 cm of snow over 30 mm of freezing rain any day. I'm sorry about the damage to your greenery but glad that you made it there and back intact.




Ugh. We had willow limbs down (one hit the roof -- hard! -- while I was in the family room early this morning), but nothing like that.


Poor tree!


You all got hit with the worst that can be given. Hate ice storms. Ice storms should allow for being at home and not out. Trees, ice, heavy snow. Not a good mixture anywhere. But out here, where the trees are ancient, it can be even worse. Glad you are both safe and still have power. You do have power, right?

Caroline M

I'll just add that to the list of weather we do not get here. I bet the dog wouldn't go out in that either.


Oh! Poor tree. I once walked about a mile through a raging Wyoming blizzard to feed and water horses. I'm not sure I'd do that through an ice storm. My mom is among those with no electricity but she has a generator. I hope it has enough fuel for the duration.


Our neighbors across the street lost half a tree yesterday morning and we only had wind, no ice. It made for some excitement what with rescue vehicles and utility workers and such.
I hope your damage is minimal.


That is a YIKES! I worried about all of you in NE yesterday and hope you fared well. Alas, your trees did not. Stay warm!


Oh no!


Glad it missed your roof, and that you still have power.


I am so sorry. But a tree can grow again. Glad you made safely to and from work.


At least your car was not under the tree, which is what happened to my dad in north central MA. And thank you for braving your way to work.


After all, tomorrow is another day.

Anne B.

Oh boy, doesn't look that good. Photos on the news were a bit scary as well.

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