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They are both thorough fiber professionals :-)


Wow...the icelandic locks are lovely!


Beautiful fiber!
And tough call on the Noro...


Lorrie will make herself crazy. Just saying.


The Icelandic is lovely. Noro doesn't like to be identical. That's not in its nature.


I took a workshop with Rita Buchanon in my early spinning days, and she taught us to wash locks that way. Lovely results, but my ADD nature tends toward a large mesh laundry bag and a washing machine. And of course, quantity needs kind of dictate the mill. But once in a while...

As for Lorrie - wow! More power to her!!


I've used that washing technique with several prone-to-felting fleeces...sometimes, it's the only way to go. As for the Noro, I'm with Margene. The stuff has a mind of its own!


to each her own madness.


The icelandic is beautiful, have used that technique myself withboth icelandic and llama with great success. As for the Noro - craziness, pure craziness!


Wow, So fluffy I can almost feel it! Lovely stuff. That woman deserves a metal in Noro Matchyness. I suppose we shouldn't tell her she could have knit them as one and steeked it later?


Oh, those Icelandic locks all laid out pretty like that make my heart go pitty pat!

Is she wanting to separate the tog and the thel? Is that why she's flicking?

Caroline M

Naughty Noro. The easy way would be to knit the fronts in one piece and slice them down the centre. The advantage would be that the colour runs would be the same length as on the back. I wouldn't do it like that of course, I'd have been juggling multiple balls too and moaning about knots.

(I know why there are doubled comments on the Y post btw - the comment is not posting and I assume everyone else poked the button again as well)

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