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Quit with the the perfectionism. I can BARELY see the issue, even in a close-up photo. Life is too short to be perfect. For that matter, I'm too short to be perfect.


I agree with Lynn, but this is also an argument for my strategy of weaving in ends after blocking (which is mostly so I don't pull the ends too tight).


Oh Shit.

She is totally having a laugh at your expense. Reminds me of the KSH shrug I started where I knit half of it inside out. And only realized when I was ready to add the sleeves.



It could be worse...the error could be half way back. This little bump will only take you an evening to fix and you'll have the wonderful experience of working with that yarn and pattern again.


Oh eff! Well at least it wasn't supposed to be gifted yesterday :-) *ducks and runs*

Lisa McGuire

AUUUUUGH! I feel your pain. I like Margene's "spin" and "silver lining." :)


Oh Laurie. I'm so glad it was at the end. I love the marching bird feet.

Caroline M

Well if I said that I couldn't see it you'd know that I was lying. This is why I have a safety pin at the start of the row on garter stitch because I've been there, done that. If it had been further down you could have saved it by snipping a thread, flipping it over and grafting it back together.


Phew -- the end. Once it's done, you'll forget the aggravation.

Cheryl S.

Oh crap! I did the same thing on a scarf, about halfway through. Fortunately it was a much smaller scarf on much larger yarn. But that was only one of several things that went wrong with that scarf from hell.

And we won't talk about the fact that I just reknitted the front piece of a cardigan about three times due to stupidity.

I'm glad to hear it was only three repeats.


Before you go burning stuff all willy-nilly give me a call, ok? I'm pretty sure I can take anything that annoys you off your hands... ;o)


NO - don't do it! Can't you just find the spot where you changed the RS to the WS, and snip it there, unravel a row or two, and kitchener the thing back together? Much faster than frogging the whole thing!
Just a thought.
Happy Holidays -
Maria in NY


"But since I would know forever and ever"

That right there is the best reason for ripping and redoing and not accepting anything less than your best efforts. For some people, there is no such thing as Good Enough. I would have (and have done) the exact same thing.


Oh geez. I have it when stuff like that happens. I hope it helps to know that we all do crap like that now and again.


Oh. Oh my. At least you noticed it before you gifted it!


If it had to happen, at least it happened in the best possible way it could have. That is truly painful, though it does make me laugh, if only because misery loves company.


Oh Laurie, so beautiful! So hard to distinguish, even for the eagle-eyed among us! But as you said, you will know, and it will spoil the gift for you. We've all made those mistakes.

It will be so, so beautiful when done, and you'll be happy once you gift it!

Merry Christmas!


Don't you hate it when that happens? And I, must admit, saw it as soon as I scrolled down to the pic. Never made a mistake like that myself! LOL (I'm a fibber) What else can you do but vent and frog. What else can you do but frog and vent. It will be so gorgeous when you are finished. And, you are so brave to share this with the rest of us. I would have hidden it until it was done and then flaunted its beauty.


Oh, I so feel that anguish, having been there more times than I can list. And with all that experience, I can tell you that no, knitters are NOT too polite to point out a mistake. In fact, the sorry lot seem to revel in it. LOL So Yes, you have no choice but to ripnreknit.


Oh no ... but at least its timing was good!


The blog so loves disaster.


Want a misery loves company story? When I knit my first Rogue, I was so excited as I sewed the shoulder seams (deciding to do the sleeves last), knit the hood with all those fun cables, grafted the top of the hood, and was a good girl and wove in all the ends.
Only then did I discover that, in seaming the shoulders, I'd managed to put a full twist in one of the fronts above the armhole. It ALL had to come out so I could take out the shoulder seam. I believe I may have cried...
We all know the pain.


Ok, so maybe it doesn't pass the galloping horseman's test. Do you remember the green lace sweater? If you recall, I painstakingly matched all the lace, and slowly (ever so slowly)and perfectly sewed the entire sleeve backwards. Of course I attached it to the body and weaved in the ends. Isn't this why we do this? For the challenge and sweet success!


Speechless. (Well, not really.) Ah, the joy of perfectionism in knitting. I would probably have frogged and reknit, too, since it is a gift. If it were for myself... ignore.


I love it - a great mistake!! I would have gone through the exact same process as you....and ended up reknitting too!


OMG! I vote on snipping it and kitchener stitching, but I haven't done it before, and would be petrified. OR you can consider it that you designed it that way for when it's knotted around your neck and both right sides are exposed.


I have had to unweave ends a few times too many myself. But...happy ending....and that's what counts.


I just hate when things like that happen.
If that had been mine, I would have tossed it into a corner and hoped that the cats used it to sleep on :-)

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