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That's interesting about thinner/thicker drive bands. I learned that one of the reasons people invented accelerated wheels (with two drive wheels) was to deal with the too-little friction of the drive band on a very small pulley.

How can spinners let too much twist into the web if they're spinning worsted? Oh, wait: you're just talking about roving there, not top. So does Judith predraft undyed top, the big fat firehose size? Or does she really just squoosh it down into tight control?

Please keep blogging often; I've enjoyed it!


That's a great picture of Judith. We discussed the drive band issue in our workshop -- interesting!


I've really enjoyed your more frequent blogging, especially the spinning related posts. Thank you for the insights!


That is a wonderful photo of Judith! Loved the post, too.


Huh. I would never have thought of drive band grist having that much of an effect...

Caroline M

I've enjoyed reading your posts first thing in a morning with a cup of tea. The house is quiet because everyone is still in bed, the dog is asleep under the tree and I have five minutes of peace before starting breakfast and lunchbox duty. It's been lovely to share that five minutes with you.

I found out about the effect of the brake band all by myself. There was much muttering involved.

Caroline M

PS Comments are going through right away today. Can't see mine though...


I read this spinning stuff but I hear blah blah blah blah blah. It goes right over my head, I tell you. I need to take a class with JMM and let this sink in properly.


I really like the way you boil down JMM's insights. Makes perfect sense.


Judith's words dance through my head as I spin. Your posts help to bring the thoughts together as you tell so well just what she said. The class was an amazing experience and it has enthused me into spinning more.
It's been an enjoyable couple of months to read your daily posts.


Your JMM posts have been very interesting. Wish I'd had more classes with her.

Post when you have something to say. Interesting, I was thinking the same about posting, looks like Margene is there, too.


errr, yeah, I'm one of those dreaded spinners whose says... "well, judith says..."
and I love that photo of her. You perfectly captured her essence.
Great post!


That reminds me, I must order a new drive band RIGHT NOW. Before I forget again!


I'm truly impressed you've carried on this far into December! I made it the first few days, then nose-dived...
I always found that pre-drafting annoyed me. I want to spend my spinning time actually spinning, rather that tugging fiber. (Not that there's anything wrong with tugging fiber...)


Thanks for all the Judith insights! I'm loving the posts.


I SO want to take a class with Judith....you are blowing a hole in all of my misconceptions about spinning. I do all of those things....predrafting, etc.

It's been fun reading you daily with my coffee, but I will admit that daily blogging is kicking my butt too. It's hard.

Kathleen C.

I'm still very much a beginning spinner and these posts have been very useful and interesting. So much to think about and consider... no predrafting? I'd love to watch to see how she feeds the roving in, I can't quite visualize it...
And I really like that you listened and learned all this info and yet have retained a sense of your own self as spinner (keeping the woolee winder for example).


Just catching up on old posts here. Thanks for the JMM tips. I haven't been spinning much recently , but will go back to it after the Christmas holiday, I hope!


I love listening to your inner learnings. :D Wonderful Judith photo!

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