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Carol Cousins-Tyler

That is such a pretty pattern, and such a shame the yarn wouldn't work it up right. Dig around in your stash and I know you'll find the correct fiber!


I'm all for multiple scarves!


Did the multiple knits today- a cowl over my turtleneck and a scarf over all that followed by my husband's jacket and a hat. One hand in a commercial mitten the other hidden in the jacket sleeve- with the hand splint ( and an inflexible thumb) it won't fit in a mitten. I was warm though.


Having spent a substantial amount of time outside yesterday and today, I can appreciate the need for your new fashion look. So get cracking, woman, and find a yarn to do that pattern proud! Your adoring public wants to see it wrapped around your neck.




Sounds like a good idea to me. The weather outside has indeed been frightful.


Or one big wrap will do the job, too. The difference between a novice and a "real" knitter is knowing when to bail.


Wool is more precious than gold or diamonds. Alpaca and cashmere are pretty good, too. So spring for the worsted weight cahmere. Or spin your own - double your pleasure!


I hope you guys are home today!


The snow out here is so beautiful. We didnt get any wind though. Wind takes a bit of the pleasure out of the white wonderfulness that is snow.
Really like your "layering". Thanks for the fashion suggestion!
And, lastly, any natural fiber, knit into something you love is better than 10 machine made items any day. Too bad the yarn didn't work for your project. I agree with who ever said to spring for the cashmere. You are worth every penny.

Caroline M

It was doomed once it had crossed the boundary into lace. It's fine if it's "texture" or maybe even "openwork" but it's a rare husband that will wear lace. Mine will wear socks in any colour whatsoever (maybe not pink) but they can't have a suspicion of an eyelet.


Good to listen to that inner knitting voice that tells you something isn't going to work before you are too invested in it.

Hmm........your new look sounds perfect!


Scarves are in. No, really, they are, one or more at a time. Of course I wear them whether they are or not, but it's nice to be in fashion now and then, stopped-clock-like.

Yeah, alpaca is lovely stuff, but crisp it is not. I found that out when I knit a cabled scarf out of it.


love the idea of multiple scarves :-) I think that I shall try that myself next time I am out shoveling the driveway (like tonight perhaps)
heh heh holiday 'bumpercars' what a great image. Glad you avoided that.


I'm all for multiple scarves. I wear one inside my coat. The other is usually a large scarf or even a shawl that gets wrapped around on top of the coat. It can be draped loosely if it's not too cold, but when the wind blows I snug it up and even pull it over my face.

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