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Oh my. I would just want to call them all Lovey.


I'm curious - do you knit English style (throw the yarn)? I knit continental and yarn or fiber to my left seems like the right place for it.

The Attic

Does the wheel make a difference? Are all of yours castle style or do you have a saxony? With my orifice-on-the-left Symphony, there is no way I could use the right hand forward! With the others....well, just too much trouble to find out! Interesting experiment, though.


It's Dec. 1 and you are still posting. Are you in for another 31 days????

Lisa McGuire

I love your assessment and evaluation and your valiant effort at the scientific method with regards to right hand forward vs. left hand forward spinning. Nice research! :) Hm...now what? Publish? The pix of Lovey is just lovely. :)


I have an Ashford Traditional - orifice on the left. I spin with right hand forward, fiber to my left. Seems natural.
But, then again,I do knit continental, even though I'm right-handed. Fiber (yarn) on the left is "normal" for me.
Spin to make yourself happy, dear Laurie.

And I love Lovey!


Whew! I am thinking that my NH can safely stay....I was starting to get nervous.

I guess it goes back to what I have always felt. There is no right or wrong way to spin......other than it should be enjoyable and give you a quality finished product when you are finished. It is fun to challenge ourselves though from time to time, isn't it?

Caroline M

You have some very perceptive comments. I knit continental and so I'm used to having the working yarn on my left. I never stopped to think that there might be people out there that had their fibre supply on their right - I don't get out much you know. It's not that I don't meet other spinners but I'm usually looking at what they are making, not how they are doing it.


I honestly don't care which side of the chair my fiber is on, probably because I am more ambidextrous than some people.


If I spin right handed and keep my fiber supply on the rights side of the chair is that wrong? ;-) The experiment is interesting and you now have more ways of producing the yarn you want and need.


Waving my left-dominant hand over here (like riding, I spin left-dominant) - the fiber supply on the left is always where it goes. But as a self-taughter, I really had no clue and just did what felt right. I have tried spinning with the opposite setup, and I have to give you LOTS of kudos. I felt like a complete all-thumbs kinda gal. It'd take a LOT of practice for me to get even remotely coordinated at it.


Thank goodness! I'm right handed, spinning left forward. When I read on your blog that we 'should' spin dominant hand forward, I was afraid I was going to have to abandon my Jensen wheel with the flyer on the left. (yeah, like that's going to happen!)

So if we spin dominant hand forward for short draw, which hand should we be using for long draw or point of twist where I really only use one hand?

Oh, it may not be the article you're thinking about, but SpinOff Summer 2003 has an article by Mary Spanos on spinning soft yarns. She mentions spinning yarn that looked great, but made heavy, uncomfortable sweaters..


I'm right-handed for writing and spin worsted right hand forward, but keep the fibre to my left because the left hand is holding the fibre. When I've tried long-draw, the left hand holds the fibre and the right hand holds the beer (well, coffee). When I'm certain my left and right hand know what they're doing, I will try reversing hands.

Slightly strange. I've written all that as though my hands are independent entities. Is a grain of truth in that?

Barbara Parry

I have been thinking about the sample skeins quite a bit since last week (since I have not had time to conduct my own experiment!). I agree, visually I like the uniformity of the "right hand forward" skein, but touch-wise, I prefer the "lefty-forward" skein. Maybe I will experiment a little at spinning group tonight.

It was great to see you at the open farm (thanks for making the drive) and I am really glad you were able to meet Lovey. How did you manage an indoor sheep photo without the blue-eye effect?


I'm not sure it's the spinning twist but the plying twist: the plying twist on skein 1 better matches its spinning twist. I've seen poor plying (and I'm not implying that yours is deficient!) ruin many beautifully-spun singles, and by the same token, plying can transform meh into gold.

A friend in my little spinning group consistently underplies, so what is yummy singles almost always ends up as harsh, sleazy yarn. It kills me.

IMO plying techniques are far too often under-emphasized or even ignored by spinners.


>>spinners like the look of tighter twist, but like using and wearing yarns that are softer>>


And tell Marcia that I have a Symphony and spin right hand forward.

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