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Your DPN's look like beautiful branches off a redwood tree. Heh. Hope your M1 increases go smoothly.


Fleece Navidad... heehee
Beautiful color!
I'm with you on the big needles. They make my arms tired. I'm getting ready to cast on for some fulled slippers, and not looking forward to knitting with 2x4s...


The mittens are a good idea. I have a lot of dyed pencil roving that I don't have a project in mind for. I'll be watching you.


Curiosity! You love the color and the look of the yarn and you get swayed. Just make sure you don't hurt yourself!

Caroline M

I think these are a really good idea and look forward to seeing them finished. Quickly. What about a matching hat?


Knitting with pencil roving - how cool. The stitch is great and I think I'd really love it as a scarf, too.


The color sure is pretty and I'll bet they will be very warm when you're done with them. Internet shopping is a bit of a crap shoot tho....


Nice color! I agree with the telephone pole analogy. With all the sock knitting I do I feel like anything larger than a 2 is huge!


Yes, they look easy, but US11 needles? M1's on US11's?!? Don't sprain a thumb!


I am very curious about that yarn - how is it to knit with? Great color btw.


They look like they'll be so soft, though! When I knit with big needles, I have to throw instead of pick, or my hands get too tired too quickly.


I love the basket weave cuff. Take care you don't hurt your hands with those telephone poles!


Love the stitch, but my limit is 10.5 or I get cramps! Good luck with that M1.


For me, right?


I don't think the brain takes a vacation, so much as it sides with the heart and inspiration and excitement of the knitter. And looking at your picture, I can understand the inspiration... that, combined with the recent article in SpinOff about knitting with unspun roving is making me think it would be fun, too!


Could have used those today :-)


Oy. 11's. Definitely like telephone poles. But that yarn looks intriguing. Polar Fleece is pretty cool stuff, and for those woolphobes that comprise our giftees (though screw 'em, I say) it could be a great thing. What'll they think of next?

Is it squeaky to knit with ?


They are pretty -- take care of your hands, okay!

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