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Pretty colors!


Oh yes, fiddly about with knitting techniques can lead you down an interesting path.


I am loving that!

Wishing you a relaxing day of knitting (so I can see how that progresses!)


Great colors. Can't wait to see what tune you finally fiddle out with that.


The languishing things will still be there and in the meantime you'll have a nice new pair of mittens.

Caroline M

Been there, done that. With me it's "I'll just knit the swatch, just in case the whole project is doomed" and then I find that I seem to have cast the thing on despite my best intentions. It doesn't actually matter does it, just one more project won't hurt?


Very interesting....fiddle some more!


"song brain-worm" - THAT'S what I suffer from! After watching "27 Dresses" the EJ song "Benny and the Jets" played non-stop in my head for *weeks*.

BTW - I like your fiddle.


That's some fun fiddling!


Really nice color combination, its nice to see others play with yarn. By the way, I LOVED the knitting cartoon you displayed on a previous blog. Really funny!

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