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Wow - you are lucky that she still has the same colorway! Great FO!


You could have used just about any similar yarn and been fine. You were very patient to wait. The shawl is beautiful! Enjoy it and wear it often!


Oh, holy cow!! I'm really glad there was a happy ending for your lovely shawl.


Wow, you mean there's actually something I've done before you? Looks lovely.


It looks great. Now you can relax and enjoy wearing it.


It looks very nice! I should dig out my half-knit Wool Peddler's Shawl...

mary lou

Glad you found that last bit. i should know better and still end up in that position. Luckily, Webs has a closeout on my most recent experience of chicken little being right. Beautiful Shawl.


Hooray! It is beautiful!


Oh, it's so PRETTY! I love the colors, too! And thank heaven for the generosity of knitters....


Judy IS amazing. She saved my bacon similarly when I made a slightly more drastic miscalculation.


Judy to the rescue! I'm not surprised.


Love it! Glad the yarn worked out....wear it joyfully!

Caroline M

Those colours are lovely. You got lucky with the yarn but I think you would have got away with using something else for such a short stretch.

The reason I accumulated so many odd balls over the years is that I always bought one ball more than the pattern said, just in case. You would think that I'd have learned something from the steadily growing pile of odd balls and stopped doing it but every now and again I'd go into that last ball because I'd had to add a bit extra to the sleeves.


Lovely! And done, even better!

Teresa C

Look at you! Knitting lace shawls, overcoming that little block you had at the beginning! Hooray! It is lovely.

Margene SAYS you could have used about anything. I'd have waited for the yarn as well.


Lovely shawl! It is true, we should always listen to our inner chicken....she's probably right. :D


Ouch....thankfully Judy had some left. I think I had about 2 inches of the same yarn left when I did mine. I was holding my breath on those last few rows.

Beautiful job!


That is just beautiful! Great colors.


Glad there was a happy ending - your Wool
Peddlers Shawl is just beautiful!
(I have a partial triangular shawl hidden away in a basket - I've been trying to forget it, but now I've been reminded!)


It looks outstanding!


What a lovely shawl. I had the same thing happen a few weeks ago on a baby sweater. Luckily, I had a ball of yarn in reserve (that I was hoping to return since I didn't think I'd need it). I guess I'll just have to knit a matching hat or something.


Chicken Little never owned such a gorgeous shawl.


I love that shawl! Yours is gorgeous! I spent a good bit of time running to the scale this weekend, trying to make sure I didn't have the same experience.


And a beautiful shawl it is!


Brava! Looks stunning. Can't wait to make mine out of my Judy yarn!


Nice ending! I have a shawl in permanent WIP-limbo because of yarn shortage. I fancy that someday I will have time to handdye a matching sample. Your shawl looks beautiful!

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