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I view very tall pines in a completely different light now as do you!


Never a truer statement.


Man toys: just like boy toys, only bigger, more expensive, and more dangerous. Just as beloved.


I'm happy that the man with chainsaw isn't Mr. E. (not that he *couldn't* chainsaw, but his considerable skills are best used elsewhere).


Was Mr Chainsaw man sick of fallen trees or was he in seventh heaven?


Yikes...thankfully it didn't fall on your house! Yep...men and their toys ;)


Considering how many times Mr. E breaks himself it was probably a good idea to keep him away from the chain saw. ;o)


What man could resist a) a noisy dangerous weapon, and b) a chance to wear armor!
Glad your tree is cleaned up.


My DH wants a chain saw for Christmas so he can trim the woods behind our house. He read your blog - LOL You are so lucky that the tree fell where it did and not on your house.

Kathleen C.

We lost a branch from a maple tree in our front yard. A big one, about 20 ft long by 8" diameter, but not tree sized.
DH went right out and bought a chainsaw. (He'd just been waiting for an excuse. I think he pushed that branch down himself...)

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