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I'm guessing #1 is your left hand skein...

Can't wait to see tomorrow's unveiling!


Ummm...are these supposed to show the difference between your spinning right-handed and left-handed? They are different, but I don't know which one is "better." How do you define better? How are you going to use these yarns? What do they look like knit up (or crocheted, or woven) and washed? One has 3 years or so of spinning practice behind it (yes?); the other has a month or so. Why would you expect the skein spun with a month's practice to equal or outdo the skein with years of practice behind it?

Which way did you prefer spinning, that's my question, as well as which skein do you prefer? And why do you weigh the teachings of one teacher, no matter how accomplished and approaching-unto-goddessliness, above the wisdom of you own body? Why do you spin, after all?

And what is the meaning of life, anyhow?


There is a slight fibery blob in skein 2 at the bottom toward the left. That is the ONLY difference this non-spinner could detect and the only reason I voted for skein 1.


Number 2 looks slightly softer but I sure would like to get my hands on them and see the real results. They both look very, very good!!

Caroline M

I'd like to see a knitted swatch, half and half and I bet there would be no difference between the two yarns. At the end of the day that's what counts, what does it knit like? If they both knit the same then it's what Lynn said, which did you enjoy more? It's not necessarily about making perfect yarn but about making yarn fit for its intended purpose.

The good thing is you know now that you can switch hands and spin for longer (except that it's my back that gives out first)


I have to echo Margene. Skein 2 looks softer and "fluffier" to me but both are lovely.


I prefer skein #1 because it has the look of being more tightly plied, and that's my preference for plying. Both look soft.


Skein 2 looks much softer and more balanced to me (i.e. indiv. fibers running parallel to length of yarn) and #1 looks pretty tightly spun. Looks from the results like I'm in the minority as to my vote though.


Do we win anything? ;-)


My vote is for 1.


#1 for me :-)


Good one!


I'd be happy with either of them. But... up close and personal, skein 2 seems to have slightly less twist in the singles than maybe it should for the plying twist? I'm not certain 'cos I'm a new spinner. Nonetheless skein 1 therefore wins my vote by a hair.


Skein 2 looks loftier, Skein 1 looks like it has a tighter twist.


They are very very close in quality, but skein 2 looks to have more twist and good grist. Without feeling them, it is hard to tell though...sometimes tightly twisted can be a bit harsher.

Either way, they are both beautifully done skeins grrl!


I guess I have no preference - it'd depend on what you have planned for the final yarn use.

Helpful, isn't it? :)


I voted Skein 1, but I'm guessing it's a trick, are they the same skein?


Skein number one seems to have a more together look, more of what I look for as I ply. I'm looking forward to hearing your assessment of the two skeins.

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