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Boy that's a life well lived! My mother would have itched to draw him! Off to re-evaluate my life list......


Hoorah! Folks like him make me glad to be a human.
Though it kind of makes me wonder what kind of stories our granchildren will have to tell their grandchildren... The time they fought back that hostile takeover? Or beat back a computer virus that would have given every computer in the world hiccups?


There really is a wine society? That is so interesting! Mr V sounds like a man I would love to sit next to at a dinner and chat with. I am always awed at the history those that are a bit older than us have. How lucky for you to have had the chance for a chat!

Caroline M

191/192 is something in itself. I just want to be still knitting at 84, maybe if I stick at it my other hand will have learned to purl by then.


Wow--I only hope I can be like that at 84.
When I lived in Vermont, my 70+ female boss ran for state senate--and won. She was a hot ticket and a fabulous role model for me.


He sounds like a fascinating dinner partner. Lucky you!


What a treasure Mr. L must be to converse with. I'm glad you get to know him. The most fascinating person I've chatted with was George Seldes, an investigative journalist blacklisted by McCarthy. I only had one day with him (he was the subject of one of my college term papers) but it's a day I cherish. I imagine Mr. L must be similar in his uniqueness.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to be strong and able well into late life. Smith had a cousin like that. She went to Patagonia, and flew over the Antarctic for her 82 birthday.


Heck yeah! Go Mr. L! I wanna be him when I grow up (if I grow up, that is).


Amazing man...wonderful post!


Good post! So, what's his fav wine?

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