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I'm afraid to log on.


Typepad certainly is a bloggers nightmare aren't they?!? Beautiful photo- I love me a bumblebee. :-)


Establish a back-up Blogspot blog? Ask to post on friends' blogs? Ask Mr. Etherknitter to please develop a decent blogging platform in his spare time?


Mr. E. can fix it? Shocking.



LOVE the picture.

Today I am glad I don't use Typepad.

Cheryl S.

Great photo. Sorry about Typepad.

Caroline M

After all your hard work - to be defeated by an upgrade?


Can't get in through Firefox? That's strange. I can, and it's listed as one of their supported browsers.....Ver. 2 and up. (I'm on the latest version -- 3-point-something)


Love the bumblebee!
I know that NaBloPoMo panic - Wednesday night Blogger kept timing out when I tried to log in. It got later and later and I really wanted to go to bed. Finally got in and splatted a quick post; phew!


I think I'm glad I use WordPress.


I only use Firefox and haven't had any trouble with it. Have you the latest Firefox upgrade? Don't stop now.


I am very grateful that when typepad upgraded my blog, I had very few problems. Since I am usually the one with all the tech issues, that my switch was just about seamless surprises me, given how many complaints I've heard from others. The goddess decided to smile upon me in this instance, I guess. Good luck!! Cause we need our dose of Etherknitter.


I love your little bee....buzzzzzz.

The upgrades are usually a bit of a headache, aren't they? Mine was updated quite some time ago.

I use Firefox and I haven't had any problems with Firefox/Typepad.


Ah! I had a problem with Firefox about a year ago ( well before the upgrade, but it might be the same thing)
I seem to remember that deleting the cache and setting everything back to the dfaults cured it - I spent months usinf firefox for everything else and blogging through IE - nightmare!
Hope this helps


I was one of the beta testers and use Firefox. Except for a few glitches a month or so ago, it's been better for me (on dial-up, to boot).


hmmmm... I've been using typepad for so long now, and absolutely no problemo.... and I just checked (and logged in fine from Firefox).. errr, could be that I am in a work-induced-haze-fog-brain, but it seems the same to me (or else the upgrade that they did on my account a couple months ago just didn't halt my progress.. go figure)
great photo btw.

Here's hoping your fabulous hubby gets yours fixed soon.


i just got the upgrade yesterday and although i whined about it in my post (just needed material really) i haven't had any problems. did you get the latest version of firefox?

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