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I do hope you realize those skeins are rather nicely spun, whether your brain knew what you were doing or not.


If this spinner weeps with envy is that enough? They are both beautiful. You underestimate yourself.


Perhaps the best lesson is not to try to spin even and thin with crap-ola roving? Yours certainly came out just fine!


Huh, my dominant hand is always my orifice hand.


Um, that sounded totally wrong.


Your orifice hand?


when i first learned to spin, i taught myself to switch off hands because the dominant one would cramp. i'm generally ambidextrous, so it wasn't hard. have fun!


I can't wait to see what you spin now that you "know how". Those are gorgeous yarns. Waiting to hear/see results of your hand switch experiment.


Yeah, I wish I "didn't know how to spin" as well as you don't. I've never come up with anything like either of those. Love the colors, too. Can't wait for the JMM and CR posts....what does Carol say about aran?


Somehow I think you've always known how.

Caroline M

Lovely yarn, if you get where you want to be does it matter the route you take? I tried switching hands this week, just to see if I could, there would need to be a serious reason to make me do it.


what marcia said. i'm hoping to get into jmm's classes at madrona :-)


I love those skeins! Actually, looking at both of them is quite soothing. The color in the blue really pops, and the green is just very comforting. I love both of these!

lynne s of oz

Oooh, you learned how to *really* spin? I'll look forward to seeing the difference! I'm working on making laceweight, well more cobweb, at present.


I am looking forward to your report on switching hands for spinning next week. Unfortunately with my big wheel, that is not an option for me.


I remember your very first day of spinning. Now look at you!


I'm trying to switch my hands, but am finding it a challenge.


That's what you get when you DON'T know what you're doing? I am not worthy to wash your fleece.


You were born to spin.


I'm a self-taught spinner - I just naturally used my dominant hand at the orifice. Is it supposed to be the other way around?
Your spinning looks glorious to me!


Just as I have multiple knitting projects in different styles (lace, stockinette, cable...) and gauges on the ndls all the time so I can switch back and forth to relax my hands, I make a point of doing some comfort spinning between goal-oriented batches. Keeps the wrists and shoulders from seizing up. Pardon the poor syntax -- in a rush today.

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