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But will there be a rebirth?


Doesn't it feel good to get the bad knits out of house? It feels like a load is off the shoulders and the yarn can now be something more, something it really wants to be, or it can be sent away to bother someone else.


I love how Margene assumes that yarn might bother someone else.


RIP. Or good riddance to bad rubbish, as my gram would say.

Feels cathartic, I'll bet!


No funeral, perhaps, but a violently poetic eulogy to a bad knit. I look forward to its reincarnation as a good knit.


Sure was pretty - I hope it's reincarnated.


Ha! Love your description of killing your WIP! Can't wait to see what it's reincarnation will be.

Caroline M

Some things are just not meant to be. Its lesson is learned, move on.


Yes, but you're a DOCTOR! Isn't massacre against the oath or something? Can't you resuscitate?


I like the "born and blogged, died and frogged" - I'll have to remember that!

I use lifted increases all the time - were yours so tight because your gauge has changed over the past two years, or because that's the nature of the increase?


Where's the mysterious man in the fedora? :D

Fun post and I hope the essence has a beautiful rebirth.


Yeah - sometimes you've got to rip and save your sanity :)


I always give those things to DD because she loves destroying her mother's knitting and creating perfect new balls of yarn. Faire la transition!

You could go up a needle size and substitute a different kind of increase -- does the pattern still appeal to you? I tend to extend the cable down into the welt to prevent it from flipping up, a problem with my hourglass figure.


To quote our lovely friend, Bullwinkle:

I love violence because they smell so nice.

Nothing more soul-satisfying than the murder of a WIP.

Lisa McGuire

Be gone with all that negative energy, it pulls everything down, it sucks the life out of possibility; let good positive energy flow out from the frogged rubble. Nothing is meant to live forever.


You know I'm a big fan of frogging knits that aren't working. I'm sure that "take two" will be great!


Hmmm. I'll guess it was Laurie, on the couch, with the knitting needles. That's who murdered the sweater, right?

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