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That is a wicked cute baby knit.

And of course you can go another 8 days. I never had any doubt.


VERY cute. Any baby would be proud to wear it.


Yahoo! Tres cute! And in appropriately Etherknitter colors too!

Caroline M

I'm sure that you can carry on now that the end is in sight (although you may need a bit of work with the titles)

It is very cute, it is almost making me dig out the BSJ that just needs the seams sewing up. Almost but not quite.


That's an adorable little sweater.


That's what I WISH I had made for the new grandson, and not that hideous orange and green thing (which his mother loved, strangely). Good job.


It's SO SO cute!! I love it! And, it's done.


Very sweet! Do you know I've never knit a baby sweater? That one is darling.


Very sweet sweater!
And we're in the home stretch. With Thanksgiving and Black Friday (I work in retail) coming up, I just might be able to 'stretch' to the end of the month...

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