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You might try VY again. I know they were out of a lot of things and had just gotten a new large shipment in stock. You might also check the Starmore Junkies group on Rav. Lots of onesie skeins floating around out there someone might part with.

Good luck!


Option #5 worked for me as you know. I will buy more skeins the next time I buy a Birdsfoot kit, however.


I think option 5 is your best bet, too.


Another vote for #5. Very interesting pattern!

Caroline M

I'd go for 5 in the absence of 1b (rip it in disgust and throw it back in the stash)


I hope another skein finds it's way into your stash.


You're not the first and I doubt you will be the last to have an issue with not enough yarn and no replies from the St*rmore ivory tower... :o( I like option 5, too.

p.s. I thought scarves *were* gauge swatches...?


Geesh...you would think she could at least respond to your email. Yep, option 5 is probably best, although I would scout around Ravelry first :)


Wait wait wait - don't forget option 6, spin and dye custom matching yarn!!! I bet you could do it, could even find someone else to dye for you, if that's not your thing.


Well, option 5 has the advantage of keeping you in the scarf-knitting-enjoyment phase while you're waiting for option 4, 3, or 2 to happen.
I always favor the option that lets me put off a final decision for as long as possible, though. Maybe you shouldn't listen to me...


5 for sure. But keep looking for more yarn. Glad you are having fun with this!


#5 as we discussed before, but Anne does have good point- you just might be able to find more yarn that someone on Ravelry is willing to part with. Can't hurt to put in a request in the ISO thread.

Your beginnings of Bird Foot are beautiful!


I checked - dyelot 309 :(
Its a pretty thing that skein though. Keep looking I say.

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