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That's how I remember feeling when I switched from english to continental knitting. It was the strangest feeling during the first attempts to work the yarn in my left hand. So strange!


It looks great. I'm with you -- just not sure that I'm that into "re-training", but we'll see. I can understand the benefit.

Caroline M

I spend all my time right hand forward, it's left hand forward that doesn't work for me. My back usually gives out before my hands when spinning so I'm not sure what benefit I'd get from switching hands.


I'm going to have to try that way.


Glad to know that I won't have to re-train since I taught myself from the beginning with my right hand. Yes, it must be weird. Nice ply back!


There is no way I can get those gnarled knuckles on my right (dominant) hand to cooperate. I tried a while back and the knuckle thing has progressed since. My spinning is what it is till the left hand knuckles go! With Spinning for Softness and Speed (JMM does not approve) I don't need either hand much....


Did I miss something? WHY are you doing right-hand-forward if it doesn't feel natural?


Each time you've posted about this I've meant to go back to my wheels to see which hand I put in front. I'm worried that not knowing means it's been too long since I last spun, but I can convince myself that either hand is closest to the orifice.


I have no doubt that what Judith suggests is the best way to do it......but.......if it continues to feel unnatural, I am not sure it is the best way for you.

I always tell people when teaching them to spin that there is no right way or wrong way. No rules etched in stone.

The right way for me may not be the right way for you but as long as you are getting a good consistent yarn that you are happy with AND enjoy the process, that is the right way for you.


I have made the change, but I had never really settled on one hand over the other. That may be the benefit of playing around more than ever really committing to be a spinner. I'm hooked now.


Looking pretty good! Question: what does handedness mean for spindling? Do you intend to try swapping hands there too?


i learned to spin 37 years ago with my left hand forward, even though i am very right side dominant. don't know why, that's just the way i was taught. i ply right hand forward.

the first class i took with judith in '05, she looked at me and my friend, and said we should be spinning with our right hands forward, but that was the end of it.

if you feel comfortable spinning left hand forward, why switch? plus, to me, it is more natural to spin left hand forward if you have a wheel with a flyer on the left.

since i knit continental, i do a lot with my left hand anyway...


I'm a no rules set in stone kinda gal, but always willing to learn. I've alternated hands forward to see what works for me, partly because of repetitive stress issues in the right wrist. Chiropractor resolved my wrist issues, and I settled comfortably into left hand forward, dominant right hand controlling the drafting triangle. I'm looking forward to the JMM post to better understand why right hand forward is - theoretically - better.


I've been thinking a lot about the whole idea of hand dominance and spinning - I tried leading with my right and drafting with my left and it was awkward but not bad. I could see it would take some practice but it didn't feel catastrophically weird.
I tried the needle threading trick and discovered it is my left hand that moves there - I bring the needle to the thread. And thought very little about the matter after that as overall I do like what I produce leading with the left hand. My problem is focus, if its anything.
A few week ago I was in the kitchen and I looked down at what I was doing and realized I was pouring from the jug to the glass with my left hand, and when I messed around with it, found that I do right or left equally often and pretty much with equal dexterity. I can't write with my left though.
I am guessing it has to do with the year or more of dequervain's in my right hand (post operative, it's better but not nearly as strong as it used to be, so I continue to use my left more than I used to), which is also the year I started spinning. I find this all fascinating. Impressed that you are working on making the adjustment.


Is this so you can spin two-handed with your triple-flyer wheel? :D

I always meant to learn to spin the opposite way that I do - never got around to it, though.


I hold the fiber mass in my left hand when I spindle and in my right hand when I spin on a wheel. Sometimes. Usually? Never thought about it much. Does it really matter???


I had trouble with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome on the right side about 15 years ago, so I ended up retraining myself in order to share out the load between right and left hands. It took weeks to get used to doing things with my left hand that I was used to doing with my right.
So I know how hard this is for you.
The benefit for me was avoiding wrist surgery - it was a great motivator!


Hmmm, I get more fiber control with left hand forward, I think the right hand(fiber hand) is where all the action's at, esp with my partial long draw. I'll have to try switching and see how lefty manages.

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