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Cheryl S.

Sounds like a lovely day on the lake - and it was certainly beautiful.

Glad you didn't give up already!


Nothing quite like messing about on boats! Looking forward to the Wine of the Week for T's benefit. Not mine, as you know.

Caroline M

He's right, you can't give up so soon. Have a look through the camera card and tell us about a few of the photos, that should see you through a few weeks.


We enjoyed our boat on the Great Salt Lake for years. The sunsets we saw, the wind in the sails and on your face...it was wonderful. Being on the water is a special thrill.


Sailing is great fun, especially the part where you moor for the night and break out the beer.


We went to the beach today and walked in the sand. I loved being there but it was COLD.


Perfect photo after fun with friends today :-) Breaking out my virtual wine and cheese. I'll pretend it's warm and sun hasn't set yet!


Woohoo! Two in a row!
Should be smooth sailing from here on. (sorry sorry, please don't throw things...)

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