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I have one of these in my yard. The past two years, something (chipmunk? squirrel?) kept biting off entire branches and hauling them away. This year the chicken wire seems to be providing some protection. We'll see what happens when the snows blow.

Sometimes I think I prefer the colors of late fall to the showiness of the peak of color. I drove around a corner the other day and spotted a huge area of woods with hundreds of euonymus bushes, all with the leaves nearly translucent, pale pink. It glowed...fairy lights!

Caroline M

It's striking, no matter what it tastes like.


Oooo, that would be pretty yarn!


The bright colors of fall are a delight to the eye.


A true New England Red....just beautiful!


A true New England Red.....so beautiful!


And I believe the acid increases to toxic proportions if the branch the leaves are on gets broken (like in a windstorm). If I'm thinking about the right plant... are chokeberry and chokecherry the same?

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