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I never thought of it that way before - it's so true!

Lovely socks! The color is distributed so nicely.


That's a gorgeous colorway!


That there is some nice lookin' mindlessness! Very nice indeed!


Oh, but the colorway is so pretty you really don't need to do any more with it. I keep thinking I need to knit something more "interesting" on my socks and I end up not knitting socks. You've got socks.


Another pair of lovelies to add to the sock drawer.


Love love love that yarn and your socks. The simple, mindless pattern is perfect for it. I think I may go toss the sock stash in search of yarn for mindless, comfort socks to knit.


Hee ... at first glance, I read "avocadotional endeavor", and thought you were being all punny.

Those are beautiful socks. Nicely done.


Wowza! You are a knitting machine lately, I am very impressed!

I love the simplicity of the socks...it encompasses the beauty of the yarn. :)


You should keep posting until you run out of FOs!!

Caroline M

There's nothing wrong with mindless knitting if that's what you feel like when you sit down at the end of the day. We know you could go toe up in a fiendishly complicated pattern if you wanted but just because you can doesn't mean you have to.


Love that contradiction!
The complicated patterns may be more fun to knit, but they sure do slow down production.
(And November is almost over!! Woohooo!!)


Those are beautiful! You just nailed it on the head my deep love for the knitting (and even the mindless spinning).


Plain vanilla socks! My favorite! I'd never make it through a staff meeting without them.

Our group president once told me the executive committee was considering paying us for our attendance at monthly group meetings, but that I'd only get half pay because I spend the time knitting. He was joking. I replied that at least at the end of the evening I had something to show for the time. I wasn't joking.


There is nothing wrong with mindless when it results in such a beautiful pair of socks.

Cheryl S.

Beautiful yarn, and beautiful work - even if it is mindless.


I adore those colors! They look wonderful.


I love knitting for that very same reason.

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