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What an odd name for that colorway.


My photos are not arranged that way, and, besides, I switched computers two years ago so lord knows what or where my sixth sixth is!

BTW...I hear that a certain evil bunch of Boston fiber sharks beat me to some spinning batts at Springdell Farm today...curses. Foiled again!


I was going to try that 6/6 thing, but I have folders within folders within folders. How deep would I go? Six?
It got way too Euclidean for me to figure out...


And that particular tongue twister is just evil...


But, but, but all the bougainvillea I have ever seen was hot pink?! That is a lovely color, but it is NOT bougainvillea.

Caroline M

Was this another hat or am I making that up?


Whatever it became, it's beautiful, but I agree not what I'd call bougainvillea.


Lovely, lovely color. And I'm not going to meme-along with you all; I have a NaKniSweMo collar to set in today.

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