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Thanks for the wine review!


So, we can expect S tomorrow, yes?

That really is great yarn.


The wine sounds lovely and we'll take a look around here. The State is our wine guy so you never know.
Spinderella's thrums are pure joy, pure fun to spin. I agree on the 3-ply, too!


Very pretty yarn. that light box that really tickled my fancy.


Terry wants to know if it goes well with pizza....he's always looking for good pizza wines. More about the light box, pls.


What did you think of the food at Rendezvous? I've looked in the window several times, but haven't eaten there yet.

Caroline M

Time was when we had a wine guy and bought wine by the case. That was when we were young and carefree. Then I turned into a parent and different habits developed.

I like navajo plying but maybe that's because I have a tendency to multicoloured fibre.


Just wanted to pop in and say hi! It was great to meet you at SOAR, and see you again so soon after at Rhinebeck!


your yarn is lovely.


Hooray for daily posts from you! Love that yarn, and hoping I'll actually retain information about wine by reading you everyday.

Lisa McGuire

Popped over from Knitting the Blues, hope you don't mind, Love your reds...your review and your yarn. Have you been to the Boston Wine Expo? Sundays are less crowded and the vendors are more, shall we say, generous. :)


I prefer the conventional 3-plying, as well. I avoid Navajo plying, except in emergencies, because it makes me feel inept. (I keep thinking it would be easier to do if I had three hands...) Your reasoning is more aesthetic - from now on, I'm going with that!


Congrats on surviving day 3 of nablopomo! On to day 4! (and thanks for the wine review--while I don't mind spending money on wine, in some ways it's like playing the slots. You put your money in, but you're never sure what you're going to get from it)


LOVE the yarn. And I'll have to try the wine too! Thanks for the recommendation.


that wine sounds like something I might have to try someday :)

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