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I'll remember that quote come fiber festival time. And you and Mr. E have a lovely Thanksgiving, you hear?


Great quote! Where are the picture from? I thought I knew, but upon further looks, am not so sure.


Your table with be bountiful with friends and food. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


A very Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. E.from Smith and I!! XOXO


How lovely that you can do that for your coworkers! Have a grand time together with Mr. E and all your friends!


My turn to tell you that you and Mr. E are good human beans :)


My parents always gathered orphans at Thanksgiving, too ... they were wonderful, memorable holidays.

Have a wonderful day!!


Love that quote...it's one my husband lives by, unfortunately for his waistline. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Love that quote. Sounds like you guys have a good tradition going on - how nice for all the "orphans", and you. Have a wonderful day.

Caroline M

You are good people to share your table with those far from home on a special day.


Love that quote! I may have to hang it on my wall.
I used to gather orphans for the holidays, too, back when I was in the restaurant business. So many people so far from home and family - it felt good to fold them into our celebrations.


Happy Thanksgiving, E family!


That sounds like a lovely tradition. Happy Thanksgiving!


Sounds like a great Thanksgiving. Although I miss my family, I find that Thanksgiving with friends and colleagues is just as special, maybe better. Plus, it's always nice if I'm not working :)


That's a wonderful custom to have! I hope you're not cooking all those turkeys! ;o)


Today I started shopping at 8:07 AM and finished at 9:46 AM. I'm very proud.


Cheryl S.

You're good folk.
And what a lovely market!


I thought it was "Everything in moderation. Including moderation." That's the way I put it, at least. It keeps me sane.


that's a nice tradition you and mr.E have going. when i was single and without inlaws, some of my best thanksgivings were spent with friends who had no place to go either. we'd do a thanksgiving potluck and it wasn't always traditional but it was always fun.


I'm driving north tomorrow morning. Maybe I should blow off my family and stop at your house?


Also, Happy Thanksgiving!


What a great tradition! Have a wonderful, hearty, happy, fun- and laughter-filled day!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Have a fabulous Thanksgiving!
cool photos.

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