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Caroline M

I like my second sock right on the heels of the first one, otherwise I start having guilty thoughts. Also you can't wear them unless you have two..


What an unusual color combo for you. ;-)


Perfecto! They look mahvelous on you!


Oooo - love the colors!

And there is nothing wrong with startitis.


Another lovely FO!


Socks, socks, socks...


I have to cast on the second sock IMMEDIATELY after finishing the first, or there's no hope whatsoever of getting a pair.
In theory, this means I'll
a) remember what size needles I used for the first sock, and
b) will finish the second sock in order to free up the needles for another project.
In actual practice, however, it just means I buy more needles...
Pretty socks!


That is one spiffy pair of socks, madame! The ones I'm slogging through are dark blue (FoxSox) for the Big One.....taking FORever!


You know, I tried that and had major gauge issues, so I'll have to start all over! Well, once I dig the yarn out from the back of the closet where I threw it in a fit of pique.

Cheryl S.

Nice to see that you sneaked this one out before the end of 2008.


Wow...you go grrl! You are cranking these FO's right out. Daily blogging has been good for you!


Pretty! And, indeed, very different colorwise from the Just Our Yarn socks from a few days ago!


Pretty pretty! I love your just plain socks just the way they are.


So - I remember that you weren't thrilled with the LL when you started them...what do you think now?? They are beautiful (and I guarantee they will last a long time!!)


What a handsome and wearable pair o' socks. Excellent.


I adore these! But you probably would have known that already.

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