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At least it's a very pretty scarf. Long enough that, next time you ignore warnings, you can hang yourself with it. :)


Oops colorway indeed.


But it is so, so pretty. So, so pretty!


Your scarf is beautiful -- I love the deep colors. I have considered knitting this, but scarves of worsted weight yarn on US#7s seem never-ending; thus, I have resisted the urge to knit this one.

Lisa McGuire

Thanks for the advice, but with my memory the way it is, I'll probably be casting on come mid-December. :)


Cracking up at Chris' comment! Still pretty despite the yawning experience.


Yes, Chris hit the nail on the head. That scarf is ALL about the process.


LMAO @ Chris' comment.
Love the colors! Do you have enough left to knit matching mittens or a hat? Or at least, a matching set of stripes on mittens or a hat? Such beautiful colors should get used all the way up, IMHO. :-)


I once had an eye appointment run longer than usual (>7 hours), and one of the nurses came over and suggested I measure just how much I'd already knit that day... It was a LONG scarf!

I like Claudia's Handpaints, but am desperately allergic to the scent on the stuff. Can't seem to wash it out. Frustrating.


I'm laughing at Chris's comment, too ... but, still, at least you realized how long it was before you plowed through all four skeins! And it DOES look pretty....


I missed the same hints you did (how, one wonders? Were the lights and sirens screaming "TEDIOUS!!!" not bright or loud enough?), but do not have your perseverence. I fear I won't finish my Chevron in this calendar year.

Yours is beautiful. Chris is a Very Funny Lady.

Caroline M

I will hand over one of my mummy phrases - "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should". It's well used but it applies just as well to knitting as to small children inserting fingers up noses. It does look pretty though (the scarf, not a child with a finger up its nostril)


It's so pretty, even if torturous to make. You'll love it!


At least you got to have a delightful realization - "Oh, look, I'm done!!" rather than the slogging "Three more inches, *&%#^ three inches to go! Argh!!"
And it's beautiful!


i enjoyed knitting this scarf. my only issue with it is that no matter how much you block it, it still curls in. that's the only reason why i'll probably never make another one.


Scarves can be sooo boring but it is beautiful!


Well...that'll teach you to turn off your brain and go mindless. In the future, maybe when the "oh my God, how much more of this can I take" thoughts hit, you could begin the measuring process. That is usually pretty close to a long enough scarf.


I have the same issue with scarves. OMG - boring, boring, boring. Doesn't stop me from having a bunch queued up to work on this winter tho. I blame Margene.


Some people made 2 or 3 of them! (not me - I haven't made 1....still working on another scarf that won't end)
Enjoy your beautiful scarf!


That's pretty much how I measure scarves: when they are long enough to make me want to cry, they're done. That's a good-looking scarf though. I've just started spinning the alpaca for the one I promised Terry, but I will not do that pattern!


It is a lovely scarf. I don't think I knew you had finished it. Having watched you do battle with it these many moons, I think T is for Tenacity. Well done!


I had an epiphany recently. I keep starting 'quick' knits or 'stupid knitting' for a train ride or something and then - I want to kill myself by the time I am half through.
No more stupid knits. Pick the intimidatingly complicated and you will never be bored. At least in theory :).


The scarf is really lovely and the colors go together great. I spent a few weeks deliberating on colors of Koigu and finally started one, knit 6 inches or so and ripped it out. My colors were awful together. The yarn will eventually become something else.

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