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That yarn is perfectly you.


And what is the plan for this yarn? There is a plan, isn't there?


I'm using your blog to see if I am signed out of Typekey. Typepad creates a mess again!

Caroline M

That was a good use of resources - two posts for one purchase. It is a lovely blend of colours isn't it?


I have some of this waiting in the stash for me as we speak. A skein of red and a skein of white. Someday I will decide what it wants to be but in the meantime I enjoy visiting it frequently :)


But look, you got another blog post out of it. :-)


So glad I could talk you into it. :-) Hehe. It is a gorgeous color after all.


This is a far better way to obtain cashmere than by buying it by the skein. The overgrazing by the cashmere goats in Mongolia is devastating that arid land; the dust storms originating there are so huge they actually dump dust on the western US. The inexpensive cashmere garments one finds at department and big box stores are what started the proliferation of the cashmere goat herds, but now I see yarn advertised as Mongolian cashmere as though it is a good thing. There was an article in the Chicago Tribune in 2006 that explained it all. You can probably google for it.


It is dangerous for me to know of this woman. DANGEROUS.


Yum, indeed! Interesting idea, too.


I have so far managed to resist this stuff. It has been a challenge.


Ooh, let me just reach through the monitor and pet it...


She was at a LYS on Sunday. It's great stuff!


How clever! I may have to look for some of that sometime...


Oh, my. I think I want to roll my face in that yarn.
I'm happy you have it. If it was mine, I think I would be carrying it with me everywhere. Some people might find that odd...

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