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Chenille I hear has a very bad habit of worming. Good idea to practice Continental knitting on yarn you don't care too much about.


Pretty colors tho!

No bites for the extra skein of Virtual Yarns yarn?


You can do it...and it's interesting to hear that you're going through the WIPs and showing them who's boss!


So the Wild Abandon scarf has been abandoned, huh? I wondered what happened to it. I found an interesting article about worming. I will email you the URL.

I'm really enjoying getting to read your posts every day. Enjoying it while I can because I certainly don't expect you to keep it up.

Caroline M

I think you can keep it up, you're halfway there already. (That's the blogging, not the scarf of course)

I had a lovely store bought chenille sweater once. It shed and after I washed it (following the instructions) most of it was left in the drum of the washer. It took ages to clean up, the sweater went in the bin and I think it's put me off chenille for good.


I think all this blogging that made you loopy :-) Seed stitch?!?!?!?


I think it's the daily exposure to fiber that's making you punchy.


I refuse to practice any more Continental. If the way I knit is good enough for Nancy Bush, Lucy Neatby and Sally Melville, it's good enough for me. Besides, the way I knit is keeping my right hand from seizing up completely, as per the earlier discussion. (I can knit Continental well enough to do two color, two hand knitting.....so y'all just leave me alone!)


Pretty colors - sorry about the worming, though.
Seed stitch in Continental is easy - and good practice. You're just all over that right/left issue, eh?


Yep....I'm with Kathy.....heehee

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