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Typepad did indeed scramble, but I recognized the Briar Rose at a glance and could sort out the rest. I regret that I didn't get any Tongue River, and wonder how I managed to miss you if you were that close (maybe a dozen strides).


It all looks so PRETTY! Lovely, lovely, lovely. And it was so good seeing you!


Very nice choices. :) (Two of those, I bought in different colors.)

Cheryl S.

Sounds like a good time was had by all!
I have been trying to live by the rule of buying no more yarn without a project in mind. It's been working, except that I've been too good about coming up with new projects.

Caroline M

Lovely, all of it.


I've been laughing over the "deer poop" all week!
You found lovely things to bring back - and to spin and knit into memories of a fabulous weekend. (poop and all)


You brought home GREAT stuff! I also love Nathania's sweater. And that YARN -- oh my. Such fun! I think I'll post how I did living by my rules -- :-) You did great -- as best I can tell from your post, four projects!!


Great post, thanks for sharing your memories. That green/blue bump (Spinner Hill?) makes my heart stop.


The music of collapsing beer bottles and the cacophony of old engines was indeed the music of Rhinebeck. The chorus was laughter. My Rhinebeck was all the more fun and wonderful because so much of it was spent at your side. It was a blast!


You described Margene perfectly. I must take a class with JMM. And as for the rules, did you hear Kathy's rule for me? She said I could buy anything I wanted. I love her.


That Spinner's hill top is beautiful! I didn't even get to thatbooth this year - I figured I could hit her up at NH.


I think I've met the knitter in the red Aran at a shop in NYC. Actually, I think I tried to convince her to give me the sweater. Alas, I don't remember her name. Sorry.


Boy, if I can't hang around with you guys next year, I'm not going to go! (Or, maybe I should just get there to all the good stuff BEFORE you!) The weather forecast has me reconsidering the trip to Deerfield this weekend....I really don't "need" anything!


I didn't know it was your first SOAR! I think the secret handshake has something to do with cotton seeds....

Great haul, particularly the Spinner's Hill top - those are my colors!


Nice to see you, albeit quickly. I love your purchases, but (seeing as how we share a color-brain) you probably could have guessed that.

Now, how long before SOAR comes back into drivable distance from home?


Actually, the secret SOAR handshake is petting a sleeve or shoulder of the fiber wrapped person you are greeting; complete stranger or intimate friend - it's the same - and usually accompanied by a long "Oooooo".

As for Rhinebeck, I am green with envy. Should we begin making plans for a group reunion for Maryland S&W?


Yours is actually a Golding product that I...sort of like.


Oooh, I like that murky olive top with the soft blue.

Nathania and Sandi's store is a haven.


Uh huh. I heard about how you shop last night from Margene herself.

Glad you were able to go and enjoy!


Lovely stuff! It looks like a good time was had by all!


Actually, I miscounted. We purchased only FIVE border leicester fleeces, and they were before the two shetlands. ;-)


It was wonderful seeing you Laurie. I too fell down under the spell of Brooks Farm, but was able to (barely resist) the Spirit Trail Fiber... only because of a strict no fiber comes in, until some fiber goes out rule I imposed before leaving for the weekend.

Her colors were just so gorgeous. Sigh.


The woman and her FLAK is Elaine from the Upper West Side Knitters.


Gorgeous haul - it was wonderful to see you!

I must be hungry because the only thing I can think right now is: mmm...cookies.


That is exactly the baby camel/tussah I won from Spirit Trail at SOAR. And Knitigator might want to know that my most successful FOs have been knit from my stash - yarn bought simply because it was good yarn cheap. Or good yarn. Or yarn.


Super recap and wonderful haul! The wee spindle is so cute.


Aha! Jeanine identified me. Thanks for the picture and kind words. I found your blog through the link on Margene's blog. I am Elaine Linet of NYC, a member of the Upper West Side Knitters and the Big Apple Knitters Guild. You lost the business card I gave you. My FLAK has been (at least so far) my most empowering knitting experience.

lynne s of oz

Lovely meeting you, if only briefly!


17 hours with Judith... swoon. I'd be intoxicated from the fiber fumes and all her wisdom.
Don't you just love spinning the bison from a puni?! It's amazing.

I can just picture Margene tugging you out of various booths.. (grins)


Will there be show & tell (& touch!) on Wed?


It was amazing! And, to actually meet you was the highlight of my weekend. Your hugs are so intense and full of energy. Next year a few fleeces may find their way into my possession. This year was just too much sensory overload and gawping at the size and feel of it all.


Well I for one don't see what's sad about purchasing fleeces, even if it was six, and even if they were Border Leicester. I rather like Border Leicester, actually. It's really lovely crossed with merino too...

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