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It doesn't matter that you didn't meet your goal last year. What matter is how you do this year!


Grow or go...say it daily. Having too many masters takes away the fun. Do only what feels good. Birdsfoot is fabulous and worthy of your time...but only you can decide if it is to be.

Caroline M

I've just finished a pair of socks that I started 13 months ago - I feel fantastic. My projects languish when there's something wrong with them, usually I know what the problem is but I just don't want to deal with it.


I don't know how effective this will be, but I started four new projects after SOAR. I figure if two make it to completion, I'll be happy. Startitis is abated and I'm very close to finishing one project!

But now I need to spin.


I said the same thing a little while ago, but I like your caveat "except socks". Woo hoo, we can do it! Or at least make a valiant effort, right?


Re the disquiet - I say, eh, it's just a hobby. Save the angst for something more worthy? ;) Don't forget, the fiber police are dead and buried in someone's basement.


Good luck with the Goal.
I've beaten Typepad into submission if you need any help with that photo thing, although I swear at one point they let you put frames around them.
I'm not making any goals...I did so well with ABC-along. Not.


For some reason I've been really stressed out about my stash right now - I just want to knit it and be done. But I bought yarn for projects I'm itching to start. So yeah, there's some edginess out there this time of year. I have no solution, though. Except that I have to buy more yarn for my husband's sweater.


Oooo pretty! I too can't really knit with linen. I made it about 10 rows into a washcloth before I stopped, and it's in time out in the stash. Possibly forever. But the ones you've made are just beautiful!


linen washcloths. whoa. pretty.

I love the startitis feeling - for it's brief shining moment in time - the inspirations fill up everything :-) Usually I let it die down a bit though before I truly cast on anything...
yet all those WIP's potentially causing mind-freeze?? just remind yourself that this is a hobbie, not a deadline. it matters not how long things take.


Hey, I've just decided I'm going to work on three sweaters for NaSweNoMo (you know what I mean), so don't look to me for help. As far as I can tell, this incessant creative activity of all of ours is a sign of incessant internal creative activity and I'm not sure that's a bad thing. It's only the clash with the well-brought-up-school-girls-finish-their-homework mentality that gets in the way.

(I wish I could stop with all the hyphens. Not to mention the parentheticals.)


I am afraid that I can be of no help. I have more FOs than I care to admit tapping their toes at me as they wait for inspiration to strike (again). Yet I cannot bring myself to rip.

It's a conundrum.


All that really matters is today.


I can't be of any help whatsoever. I have so many projects cast on already that I just ordered more needles from KnitPicks... (The obvious solution, right? *sigh*)
And I didn't even go to SOAR or Rhinebeck.


Guilty here of many WIP's- some buried in the rubbermaids and others waving their eager hands begging for attention. The startitis urge is especially strong now knowing I won't be able to knit for a long while. I find myself drawn to all sorts of projects longingly. Such a tug of war in ones head. Your Bird's Foot is wonderful btw-esp in person! Such rich tweedy loveliness!


That same sort of housecleaning/clutter cleaning is on tap for me as a January resolution. I want to get thru the move and the holidays and then tackle some stuff that's been sitting too long.

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